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먹튀검증Principal Rules,Tips and Guidelines


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Pre flop먹튀검 betting should be made cautiously as the increasing number of people on a table increases the chances of one person having good pocket hand.

Even high pre flop card s should be bet cautiously until you have a nice kicker.

You should always try to understand the nature of the players at your table during this game because that largely affects the game.

If you are allowed to make notes then keep jotting down the traits of the player that you observe during the game.

Bets should be made or raised on good hands because free taking of cards by other players may make their average hand a strong one.

You should never play in fixed or predictable manner. Always bring out new aspects or new strategies of your game.

Don’t portray a casual image at your table because that way your maximum moves will be called as bluff and you will not get good chances of bluffing.


Slots Principal Rules,Tips and Guidelines

Playing slots online is much more profitable than playing slots in a live casino.

There is no particular order in which the numbers of the slot machines show up. Every spin has all the odds.

It is not possible to predict that when a machine will show up with prize.

Due to random selection, it is very possible that no pay out is made by a machine for a very long period.

Your bet is affected by the number of coins that is put in the play and that does not affect the odds.

The hit percentage and the pay back percentage is set differently for each machine.

75% to 99% is the range in which the payback of the machine is ranged.

The hit percentage of a machine has very wide range of <10% and >90%.

There are some machines which are famous for paying out frequently, but the amounts cashed out by these machines are generally very small and seldom a jackpot.

Such frequently paying machines are also termed as “loose” slots.

Machines which do not pay out often, generally pays out big whenever the slots fall in right places.

“Tight” slots are just opposite of loose slots.

No machine in the game of slots can be said to be good for everyone. It varies from one individual to another.


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Strategies of Playing Slots :


Generally the randomness of the game proves any strategy as futile because there is no method for predicting the outcome of the machine and rigs it.

You should always set the maximum amount that you can afford to lose in the game of slot because otherwise you may turn up with empty pockets.

When you choose slots online, make sure that money withdrawal option of that particular site is hassle free and no unreasonable conditions are put forth.

Some online casinos offer humungous bonuses to fresher to the site. Always join such sites so that you can have some free money with you to practice the game in initial stages.

You should try to play for considerable period in the game of slot as the house advantage cannot be overcome in any other manner. Try playing with small amounts so that you do not risk a lot of money and can also increase the chances of the machine paying out.

Some slots definitely pay more than others. These hot machines should be tracked so that you can increase the probability of your winning.

Machines with small jackpot promises always have more chances of winning than the machines with bigger jackpot. Always make the smart choice if you have sat down to win and not just pass you time.Some slot machines that come with small jackpots tend to offer lucrative bonuses to the player. Always choose such machines as not only they have higher chances of giving out win but also are offering you free money.


Wild symbols and multipliers are offered by some of the machines and they should be chosen so that the chances of winning are improved.

Second-screen bonuses or free spins should never be neglected as many a times; the jackpot is won on the bonus money or with the free spin.

The “gamble” feature is a very interesting feature of some machines. It gives you the chance of doubling your bet or leaves you with nothing. The good part is, you are given this chance 5 times so that the risk factor can be reduced.

When you feel that you have invested your amount or you have reached a place where your winnings are sufficient, you should just leave. Never let the 먹튀검takes over you because that can very much bring you down to the place from where you started, that is nothing.

Never gamble with the money that you cannot live without. After meeting all your necessities and the requirements of your family, if you are left with some extra amount, and then you should invest that in gambling.

Never give in to the peer pressure to ignore the limit that you have set for yourself. As soon as you are out of the ambience of the casino, reality will strike and it is better that at such point you are rather a loser than in debt.

Slot machines around the world are sometimes known by different names, ranging from fruit machines in the UK to pokies in Australia – an example of which can be found here.

Try keeping these simple points in mind so that you do not become victim to the moves of players who have actually read and understood this point. There are many experienced and pro players in this game and the only way you are outrun them is by gaining as much information on the topic as possible.


These days there are hundreds of casinos online and choosing is not an easy task. It’s highly recommended you read user & editorial reviews before you make your selection.


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