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Orbis Launches New Judi Slot Betting Exchange Product

LAS VEGAS — Orbis (an NDS Group plc company), the world’s leading provider of interactive betting technology, today announces the launch of its person-to-person (P2P) betting product `BetX’.


A person-to-person betting site uses a model similar to that of a stock exchange. As well as making bets as they would on a standard sportsbook, punters can also offer bets to other users of the site. These bets can either be for (back) or against (lay) the outcome of an event. The users can set their own prices and the total liability they are willing to accept on the bet. The system then matches the offered bets with the acceptors.


High profile person-to-person betting sites such as BETDAQ and Betfair are enjoying huge success. These sites are typically attracting the `high rollers’ who want to take advantage of setting their odds and laying down large stakes. Betfair’s chief executive Edward Wray expects a trading volume of about 500million pounds this year – and believes this could double in 2003(1). In the wake of these predictions, person-to-person betting is now being widely hailed as the `next big thing’ for the online gambling market.


With the growing popularity of betting exchanges with punters and operators alike, it is only natural that the world’s leading provider of betting technology, Orbis, should step-in to offer what will surely become the de facto solution in this arena. Orbis’ software, OpenBet®, is used by 13 of the world’s largest interactive sports betting operators, and powers around 75% of the UK’s internet and interactive TV betting applications.


Charles Malir, Marketing Director at Orbis, comments on the launch of BetX: “At Orbis we believe that betting exchanges provide a huge opportunity for bookmakers. The development of BetX will allow our existing customer base to take advantage of this burgeoning, and increasingly lucrative, slice of the market.”


BetX will be available to existing customers as an add-in module to OpenBet, or as a standalone system, and it will work with all sporting event types and financial markets. Available now as an internet application, BetX will also be shortly available for digital interactive TV (iTV) and mobile devices (including WAP and 3G).


To ensure maximum returns for the punter, the Judi Slot system will always check that bets are matched at the best price available in the system. For example, a player places an order to back a horse at 4/1 for $100. As it processes the order, the system checks that the player has not overlooked a better price. If it finds one (for instance 5/1 for $50), it will match $50 of the bet at 5/1 and the remaining $50 at 4/1.


As well as being available as multi-lingual and multi-currency it offers users a single account access. So players’ stakes and winnings are debited and credited to the same account as their other wagers on the system – via a single log-in. For the operator this means that they can view a single report that will cover all activity, stakes and profit/loss across the whole operation, as well as on individual areas.


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Blackjack and its Togel variations



When you come to any online casino in order to play Blackjack you will be likely to see its different variants. What is the difference between the variants? Basically the main difference is about the rules. In this article I’m going to describe several kinds of the most popular Blackjack variations and the most important features of each kind.


Classic Blackjack


Classic Blackjack is where all other variations come from. It’s the simplest form of Blackjack that can be learnt easily. Once you master Classic Blackjack you’ll immediately catch the sense of other Blackjack games. What do you need for the game? A standard 52 card deck and knowledge of basis.




Let’s sum up the crucial points of European Blackjack:


The house edge is 0.39%

Played with 52 cards

The dealer is likely to stop at 17

A player is to double on nine or eleven

Re-splitting is not allowed

There’s no hole card, which means in case when the dealer hits 21, you lose your whole bet

Spanish 21


This variation is pretty close to the basic game of Blackjack but its name stands for the deck that differs from a standard one of 52 cards. The deck consists of 48 cards where 6-8 cards are played. The possible house edge is somewhere between 0.40% to 0.76%. What you should keep in mind:


A special deck with 48 cards

The dealer decides whether to hit or stand on soft 17

Any doubling is allowed

Player blackjack has an advantage over dealer blackjack


Play Togel Slots at home


Unfortunately, a Casino has lost its real meaning for an average person. More and more players associate a casino with glamour or even fashion. Often visits are limited by the idea of meeting people, discussing things and drinking beer. Of course, there is gambling, because it’s a Casino, not a pub. However there is another kind of gamblers whose aim is to win as much money as possible, for example at Slots, or at least not to lose a fortune.


Such players are so much into gaming at Slots that some of them tend to bring the atmosphere back home. How would they do it? Buying a slot machine – that’s the answer. But we have a small complication that upsets the players. Most slot machines are produced specially for casinos and can’t be used at home. They are of a high quality and are always in demand by casinos. If you want to have a slot machine in your cozy room, you don’t need to worry anymore. There is one machine, that has already become extremely popular, it’s called The World Skill Slot Machine.


These machines are simple to use. All you need to do is plug in and enjoy the process. You’ll get lo ads of fun and joy because these machines are equipped with their own music tunes. The music appears to create the atmosphere of a real casino.




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The Real Benefits of Playing Online Poker and Judi Online



With the growth of online poker, much can be written comparing the experience of online poker to that of a real card room. If you have tried one venue and not the other, or must decide in which venue to begin, here are some general considerations.


Much lower limit games exist online than are found in a real card room. You can start your real-money poker career online much cheaper than in a real card room. It is possible to find $0.25-0.50 Hold’em games online, whereas stakes that low would never produce enough profit for the house in a real card room (the lowest limit games found in real card rooms are usually $2-$4.


Online play has much less overhead than a real card room. As a result, it is easier to be more selective about the games you choose to join. If you go to a real card room, you must incur the travel expenses. For many people, the travel is out-of-town with expenditures required for airline, taxis, dining, and overnight stay. Even if you live close to a real card room, it costs money to drive your car and park. At the tables, waitresses will provide drinks and snacks, for which they expect a tip. Dealers also expect a tip from each pot that you win. All of these expenses are in addition to the rake the casino takes for conducting the game. To profit from play in a real card room, all of these expenditures constitute overhead that must be paid from your winnings before a profit is realized.


Psychologically, overhead makes it difficult to be selective with the games in which you choose to compete. All poker books stress the need for choosing the right game, one that is within your betting limits and populated with enough poor players to be profitable. Much has been written on choosing the right seat at the right game. But suppose after spending substantial time and money getting to a card room, you can’t find an ideal seat at a good game. Naturally, you will play in the available seat in whatever game is underway.


Another feature of online play is the impossibility of violating conduct rules during play. You cannot act out of turn, place string bets, see other player’s cards, show your cards to others, or squirrel money away unseen in a table-stakes game. The software rigidly enforces the rules of the game and precisely displays all the game parameters. At all times, you know precisely the number of active players, how much money each has, and how much money is in the pot.


In the privacy of your home, you can have poker charts and tables open to aid in your decision-making, and make Judi Online notes as you play. It is easy to know the exact pot odds (a concept that will be discussed in the next chapter) when you bet because the exact amount in the pot is displayed and you can tape a chart on odds from this book above your computer screen. When online, there is no one blowing smoke in your face, an uncomfortable distraction to many. If you do smoke, no one will complain or ask you to move.





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Attempt Your Good Luck About Emmas Free of charge UK Slot machine Machines Gamings togel


The search bar would become useful for those that recognize what they can be looking for, while there need to be filters which could assistance you in discovering mysterious titles. If you are usually tired of proceeding appropriate into the casinos oneself, there is an added choice identified as online wagering. It is regardless of whether a person shed the cash or even win, it goes in order to your personal real danger, and as well, nobody is usually compelling anyone to play gambling at the gambling dens or your own personal computer system technique. You’re fortunate in case you win money throughout one game. It will be both you win by simply increases or any type associated with percent over 100% with the cash you guarantee. Indeed? You can quickly do so with some Betting dishonesty strategies built use of to succeed typically the cards video game.

Extensive absent are discovered as the days as soon as one certain made use of to help wait for a good web page to aid insert by way of utilizing a new 56k dialup link given that currently this kind of modern broadband internet technology suggests that numerous individuals get exceptional world wide web level. Amongst one of the almost all played on the internet betting video clip games right currently is definitely Texas Holdem. You must know typically the Tx Holdem casino texas holdem regulations initially in advance of enjoying that video game, if not you have a larger possibility in order to shed typically the video game. Texas hold em togel is currently preferred with Facebook, which whole plenty of customers are playing the fact that video game, also often the minors. You are easily resting from the top of the computer method and playing casino video clip games on the internet. Often the on line casino video games free carry out will supply the similar betting working experience that a person obtain when bets genuine cash.

Right here will be several of the video games you’ll run into on websites Ghost Pirates, Huge Joker, Pandora’s Box, Evil their pleasure, Reward 6000, Arabian Nights, Antique Raiders, Strategy of Ton Of Money, Excalibur, Gonzo’s Search plus numerous a lot more. All you need to is spot a coin and pull the bar to spin your options connected with succeeding the reward. When you use amid the ideal betting sites advised on top of this web page, you will have accessibility to upwards connected with numerous plenty of bucks in incentive chance. One level you need to take out promptly is that, if you’re preparing to bet upon Trump, the particular brilliant approach to set about it may be to experience Bovada. About the internet, wagering currently is genuinely a great deal several and comfy than wagering on the casinos.…

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Pennsylvania Online Gambling Sites


Play a few of the most effective online casino video games online at these betting websites. Exactly how can I begin wagering on online casino ports promptly? In truth, video clip ports deal with an arbitrary number generator, where each spin is entirely different from the last one, without any relationship between video games. Exactly How do Video Slots Work? On the internet, video clip ports are liked by lots of gamers. They are connected to multipliers, concealed attributes, as well as unique methods as well as impacts when triggered. They are loaded with attributes, mini-games, perks, and jackpots.

When you are attempting to land the big success, this mix comes in handy. The Judi Slot are one of the most important factors and also one of the most preferred video game category in both land-based and also on the internet online casinos. Throughout the years, one-armed bandit and also port video games advanced right into what we today call video clip ports. Video clip ports are usually a lot extra lively in material and also layout, as well as offer an enhanced item over timeless ports.

There are no routine icons any longer, considering that each icon stands for something. There were three reels with approximately ten icons, which, if straightened effectively, win you a particular cash reward. Because of the huge appeal of the style, in this item, I will certainly discuss the background as well as the future of the kind, also, to share some ideas on exactly how to win and also what are the ideal video games you must try. Just the very best roulette systems exist to your focus. Our Roulette Simulator is exceptionally practical and also totally free.

The very best means to come close to the free Vegas ports is by attempting them out before making any type of down payment. Unlike routine free ports, video clip ports are additionally a lot more complicated in layout, both aesthetic and also sound. According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB), there are ten stand-alone as well as online racetrack casinos and also two smaller sized hotel online casinos running inside the state. There are various variants of multi pay-line video clip ports; nonetheless, the rather usual ones are those which contain between 25 to 50 pay lines, as well as between 3 and also five reels.…

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Location-Based Casinos Vs. Online Casinos


A High Card hand will certainly win a pot if no gamers have any kind of casino poker hand with the position of one set or greater. This video game can likewise be played “hi/low” with half the pot being granted to the gamer with the greatest hand as well as the many other fifty percent of the pot being granted to the gamer with the most affordable certifying hand (having five unpaired cards each of which has a worth of 8 or reduced). When a gamer has two sets in his/her hand, the 5th card is the twist, which would certainly show the victor in between the same 2 set hands. For instance, a hand that has an Ace and also a Jack will certainly defeat a hand that has an Ace and also a nine because it has an Ace High Card and also a Jack twist. The stamina of both versus the very same set is additionally identified by the twist similarly as the High Card.

If a casino poker hand has two cards of the very same religion, it is a set. Three of a Kind is when a casino poker hand has three similar cards. For instance, a hand that is composed of J, J, K, J, as well as Q is a Three of a Kind hand. Drizzling wilds – Players are approved five cost-free rotates, which will certainly each have in between 3 and also ten wild signs will certainly show up throughout every judi online video game. On Karnika, guests are enabled to go to a casino, something they will most likely never have done before on Mainland India because there are so few of them. When gamers obtain five cards that have the same fit, no matter of their worth, they have a flush. New Jersey online casinos have gained over $327 million in earnings thus far in 2020, an 82.3% boost over May 2019 year-to-date total amounts.

With an on-line money joint, it is nonexclusive as well as you might never think the cards the various other unique is holding. Betting Requirements are a sort of guideline connected with Online Casino Bonuses, which specifies that you have to play through the worth of your perk or jackpots, if you declare a Free Spins Bonus a variety of times before you can withdraw your jackpots as genuine cash.…

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Online Poker Tips For Advanced Players


These online casino websites have lots of various port video games. Normally, the rapid, as well as a consistent development of the net, has made a great history for the development of many websites where individuals wager for cash. Take care of cash firmly. Take over managing all economic duties for your liked one if your loved one is addicted to gambling as well as is actively seeking assistance.

Online Casinos are just one of these alternatives. Several support systems are offered throughout neighborhoods and also in therapy facilities. Casino players Anonymous teams can supply peer as well as social assistance for those in recuperation, or for those that desire, they can quit betting. These teams can supply a strong, healthy, and balanced structure for a long-lasting as well as effective healing from Slot Online dependency. This can assist in minimizing any type of betting impulses your enjoyed one might be experiencing throughout their healing.

Recognize the dependency. The initial point you can do to assist a liked one that is addicted to betting is to find out all you can concerning the dependency. Inpatient therapy consists of ongoing guidance in a hospital-like setup where you can live throughout your therapy program. Inpatient gaming dependency therapy can significantly profit those that endure from the serious betting condition, and also that have endured serious economic, lawful, or social troubles. Discover an assistance team that can aid you in dealing with the anxiety that originates from having an enjoyed one that is addicted to betting.

Discover assistance. Assistance on your own and also for your enjoyed one that is addicted can be extremely useful in assisting with a gaming dependency. Therapists and also therapists can additionally offer assistance for betting dependency. Uncontrollable bettors typically require assistance from close friends, household participants, as well as peers to assist them in quitting wagering.

There are numerous types of online casino bonus offers offered for gamers, and also betting has ended up being genuinely enjoyable with the assistance of these rewards. There are a lot of alternatives to invest your leisure intriguing online. Yet, without a doubt, there are some effective tips for your online betting experience to control your winning quantity. Any type of wagering website does not ensure you with the specific quantity of bucks returning to you from rotates.…

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Cafe303 Offers Latest News On Football Teams And Players


A large quantity of wagering is done because of psychological factors by the public as opposed to utilizing their reasoning and afterward picking where to place their cash on. Plastic guards: They offer higher security and also a substantial quantity of assistance to football gamers. Football devices can be prepared right into various teams, for instance, brilliant or great shielding shorts, T-Shirts, footwear, and also socks for the gamers. Various crucial points and also bonuses are made use of by the teams, expanding from football pumps to fantastic shielding tee shirts, from footwear to watches and also so on.

Loading pumps for football makes an important device. Unlike your football jacket, it is not needed for W88 gamers to use football guards of the very same producer. Rounds produced specialist gamers are detailed, maintaining insight high quality, leading implementation as well as control also in the poor quality area. There is a comprehensive range of Football made from different products obtainable in business industries to fill up varied requirements of an experienced having fun, just a prep work factor, or having fun as a leisure activity.

Some various devices are used for representing the area like cone pens, banners, and also so forth. Foam guards: They are lighter than fiberglass, and also deal raised convenience. Polyurethane guards: They are one of the most inflexible, and also give one of the most sustainable to professional athletes. Nonetheless, they are not rather comfy when putting on under socks. Nevertheless, they offer lowered defense to effect since of their soft qualities. Currently, if the LinkW88moinhat video game transforms, the bettor would certainly need to hide his losses.

In the middle of the present public wellness as well as recessions, when the globe is changing drastically as well as we are all finding out as well as adjusting to modifications in everyday life, individuals require wikiHow even more than ever before. Initially, you require to pick your favored groups. Also, with the assistance of these details, the applications will certainly inform or send you the information as well as the track documents of the teams you have been selected. Live Scores, Stats as well as Results The application will certainly maintain you on the pulse of activity by providing real-time ratings as they take place, along with the current updates in football tables as well as outcomes.…

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Football Betting Strategy – Basic & Advanced Strategy w88 link

As such, if you intend to bank on the World Cup, you will certainly have perk bargains and also insurance policy for football. It implies we may likewise miss out on the very best football forecast website in the globe. However, we have detailed the very best informants currently. Many informants assert they are the ideal football forecast website in the globe. Tipsters could also utilize twitter as some e-mail as well as stage management. The internet sites could also change nature, considering that a few of the websites are tipster-based, and also, a few of them are pure, exact forecasts that are based upon the information. The factor could also be because of prejudice. Similarly, if you discover the finest or one of the most precise football forecast websites – you will certainly discover an area that has one of the most impressive strike prices, also far better than an informant. It’s not a surprise that America’s appetite for the most recent, as well as finest NFL factor, spreads out remains to expand, together with football injury updates and also match information to aid them to win much more wagers, and also eventually even more cash.

To be able to display as well as reveal our considerations concerning the very best football forecast website on the planet, we have decided to be as simple as feasible. This listing over the ideal football forecast website worldwide is the primary path, as well as the appropriate network for you to utilize if you want to obtain one of the most exact football forecasts. Anyway – these wagering ideas websites are one of the most accurate, and also the very best managements that we have occurred, yet. All I can offer you is my point of view of w88 mobile the wagering pointers’ websites. All the same, in a similar way as an informant, one can never more than happy. You need to prepare out exactly how much you agree to shed each week, month, period, and so on. Also, do not obtain captured up in the sporting activity and also start boosting your wager dimensions when you shed, as this can trigger you to shed much more cash gradually.

Given this, our analyses over the forecast websites suggest being one of the most precise you can uncover. Choosing precise football forecast websites rather than proofed informants, for the many components, indicates even more danger. Football spread out wagering is one of the most interesting methods to wager on football online. Accepting cryptocurrency w88 link mobile produces a possibility for gamers to endeavor method past their regulative territories considering that crypto is no depending on controlled repayment solutions. The system itself tracks and also maintains note of the objectives racked up by each group for you; it likewise permits brand-new gamers to sign up within whenever they such as indicating that no one needs to wait for around to complete before taking part! Not everybody will certainly fit our dimensions, and several of one of the most precise forecasts on the planet will certainly not also obtain noted below. Make sure to check out our present wagering deals when you’re making a wager obtain a lot of value.


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IBM Domino Server To Exchange


This Royal Flush card mix integrates five cards with the highest possible worth come with a mix of the very same match. In on the internet game of chance, there is a fascinating mix of on the internet texas hold’em containing four cards of the very same worth other than one card. Below is a complete evaluation if you don’t understand the ideal card combination in Texas Hold ’em wagering. You need to get to understand even more regarding the combination of the cards if you do not recognize the best card mix in casino site online poker.

Don’t be reluctant to comply with the listing of one of the most preferred gambling enterprise online poker list ideas; this will certainly offer great suggestions for beginner gaming gamers. The business has offered numerous gamers worldwide. But on the planet of agen judi online ten years were consisted of in the group of relied on online betting websites. Indeed, evaluating by age, it’s still a little youngster that is ten years old.

It additionally assists the service in duplicating the consumers as well as advertising company to all those that see the food selection cards. Next, you can obtain a mix of straight online poker flush cards, which are a mix of right as well as flush cards. To obtain a straight flush, you have to have five cards with a mix of consecutive numbers, for instance, from the numbers 6,7,8,9,10 rubies or with various other patterns. Each gamer should comprehend the standards or the sorts of card mixes because it is the major secret to win.

As an on-line card video game, the procedure of the video game can be various to ensure that each gamer can establish the very best mix. Local as well as government authorities on Monday are established to disclose the outcomes of a worldwide on the internet gaming examination, authorities claim. Several gamers claim the royal flush mix is the supreme card that permits gamers to win the video game. The highest possible card mix in online Texas Holds them video game is Royal Flush.

You have the possibility for success if you have a combination of these imperial flush cards. If you wish to seem like you have never shed a tooth, with a 25-year life period to the cubicle, oral implants would most definitely be the finest alternative for you.



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Mohegan Sun Closes Poker Room

Hundreds of Poker players in Connecticut are mourning the loss of their favorite poker room. The Mohegan Sun officially shut down operation of their poker room at midnight on September first.

Casino executives announced in July that they are closing the poker room and installing 275 slot machines in the room by December.



They hope to double the amount of gaming profit in the same space from $6 million to $12 million annually. They have not yet announced a theme for the new slot-machine room or said what denomination of coin the units will accept. Rumors were that the new slot room would contain on nickel machines.


There were also rumors that the poker room would reopen in six months with a complete new staff. William J. Velardo, Mohegan Sun’s chief executive officer, president and general manager said it was “strictly a business decision” that had nothing to do with the people who worked inside the poker room.


For Connecticut Poker Players the closing of the Mohegan room leaves only Foxwoods Casino which has already become increasing crowded with the new popularity of poker that has spread across the country, due in part by the coverage of the World Poker Tour on the Travel channel. The poker room regulars, who often have to wait for a table at Mohegan Sun, simply could not believe the executives’ statements that there are not enough players in the local market to support card rooms at both of the region’s casinos.


Kathy Raymond, director of poker at Foxwoods, said last week that Foxwoods is doing everything possible to accommodate the displaced poke players. Weekends are so busy that players are no longer allowed to call in and reserve a seat. They must sign up and wait for a table when they get to the Poker room. The room contains 54 poker tables and four novelty poker games, and managers are researching “a limited increase within the realm of our own space,” according to Raymond.


Weekend Poker tournaments at Foxwoods have been selling out so fast that lines form a few hours ahead of time. She said players helped solve a problem with long lines forming for tournaments by suggesting the casino hand out numbers.


Two years ago the Mohegan Sun closed down their Unique Casino Bingo Hall and opened up a smoke free slot room in its place. Now the Poker room is closing to make way for more slot machines. Some of the craps tables and other gaming tables have also been removed to add new slot machines. One player commented that the name of the casino should be changed to the Mohegan Slot Palace. While slot machines are the most profitable casino game there would seem that there is a need to preserve the true essence of the casino by offering services and games that will accommodate all players.


For the time being the thousands of Connecticut poker players will mourn their loss.



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Terkadang Wanita Memiliki Kelebihan Togel Hari Ini

PokerPages telah melembagakan forum diskusi baru untuk pemain poker wanita. Sepertinya itu akan menjadi sumber yang kaya untuk diskusi dan sumber ide topik artikel yang kaya bagi saya.

Salah satu utas pertama dimulai oleh PokerVeteran, troll poker internet. Dia pada dasarnya menyatakan bahwa wanita termasuk dalam kamar tidur, bukan ruang kartu.

Tentu saja, seperti yang Anda duga, sejumlah poster merasa perlu untuk memberi tahu dia betapa salahnya dia. Beberapa dari mereka adalah laki-laki. Randy membuat posting yang sangat sopan yang menunjukkan bahwa PokerVeteran tidak pernah memposting apa pun dengan konten poker apa pun dan menyebutnya lubang.

Bos saya, Mark, membuat posting yang mengklaim, antara lain, bahwa wanita tidak memiliki keuntungan di meja poker.

Postingan Markslah yang menginspirasi kolom ini. Saya Togel HK pikir dia salah. Saya pikir wanita memang memiliki keuntungan di meja poker. Ini adalah keuntungan situasional. Ini bukan keuntungan yang tidak adil. Dan, tidak semua wanita memanfaatkan keuntungan tersebut. Tapi, mereka punya kelebihan.

Troll kami, PokerVeteran, dan Randy, tuan-tuan kami, adalah contoh dari jenis lawan yang sering tanpa disadari memberi wanita keuntungan.

Pemain yang berbeda akan bereaksi terhadap situasi dengan cara yang berbeda.

Pak Macho

Dia tidak berpikir wanita termasuk di meja, dan dia agresif tentang hal itu.

Kebanyakan pria yang menganggap poker sebagai permainan pria akan menganggapnya sebagai permainan agresi yang terkontrol. Tapi, pria yang menjadi agresif secara verbal karena tidak menginginkan wanita di meja adalah pria yang tidak terlalu kuat di bagian kontrol. Dia cenderung menjadi hiper-agresif, hampir gila, ketika bersaing dengan seorang wanita untuk mendapatkan pot.

Seorang wanita yang menyadari bahwa dapat memanfaatkannya.

Umumnya, tipe pria Mr. Macho tidak akan bereaksi dengan baik terhadap pertunjukan awal agresi dari seorang wanita. Dia harus menunggu sampai dia mendapat tangan yang bagus, lalu bertaruh atau naikkan satu kali dan duduk dan biarkan dia mulai melemparkan chip padanya.

Pria itu

Banyak pria berperilaku berbeda di sekitar wanita Togel Hari Ini daripada yang mereka lakukan di sekitar pria. Mr. Macho berperilaku seperti brengsek macho apakah dia di sekitar wanita atau tidak. Hanya saja dia cenderung lebih terarah dalam perilakunya dan lebih berlebihan saat berada di sekitar wanita. Namun, tipe Gentleman memang berperilaku berbeda dengan wanita. Terkadang sangat berbeda.

Tuan tidak membenci wanita. Sebaliknya, dia sangat menyukai mereka dan dia ingin mereka menyukainya. Keinginan mereka untuk menyukainya itulah sumber kelemahannya.

Sama seperti para petarung pria di film baru Girlfight, para Gentlemen akan memainkan pemain wanita dengan lembut. Mereka akan jauh lebih kecil kemungkinannya untuk bertaruh atau menaikkan, dan dengan tangan yang mungkin diangkat oleh orang lain, mereka akan menelepon sambil mengatakan sesuatu seperti “Saya tidak bisa melipat tangan ini, saya harus menelepon.”

Sesuaikan saja

Keuntungan yang dimiliki wanita adalah bahwa mereka lebih mungkin daripada pria untuk menghadapi lawan yang sengaja bermain kurang optimal melawan mereka. Pria yang berbeda, dengan sikap yang berbeda, akan bereaksi secara berbeda terhadap seorang wanita di meja. Kemungkinan besar tidak akan bereaksi sama sekali — sebenarnya tidak ada alasan rasional untuk bereaksi. Tapi, beberapa pria akan bereaksi.

Mengetahui pria mana yang akan bereaksi, dan bagaimana mereka akan bereaksi dapat memberikan hasil bagi wanita yang jeli. Itu bagian dari mengetahui gambaran apa yang Anda miliki di mata orang lain. Mengetahui gambaran itu, mengetahui bagaimana mereka akan mengharapkan Anda untuk berperilaku dan mengetahui bagaimana kemungkinan mereka akan bereaksi terhadap Anda adalah salah satu kunci untuk mengalahkan permainan — untuk pria atau wanita.



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The Art of Writing Good Emails taught at Translation Services UK

Keep it Brief and to the Point

“Brevity is the Soul of Wit”

– so said Shakespeare. Who are we to argue with Shakespeare?

Don’t Check Email Compulsively

Check email once or twice a day. Check email when you have enough time to properly respond. If you don’t have time you may rush a reply and not give yourself time to think. Don’t have email on auto prompt. – I.E. every time a new email comes you get a prompt, – you will never get anything done.

Be polite

Not matter who you are replying to, always try to be polite and cordial. Remember any negativity can get magnified in an email.

Don’t Say anything you wouldn’t say in Person.

The problem with email is that the personal contact is lost. Therefore, we feel detached, sometimes this can make it more willing to say things we may regret. When writing an email, feel you are actually speaking to the person.



Explain your Problem Carefully.

I could write a whole post on how to report technical faults. The important thing is to give as much detail about what has gone wrong. Bearing in mind the sys admin is not psychic. Avoid “It doesn’t work! This is useless!” Look at How To Write a Bug Report

Don’t Respond When Angry

American President, T. Jefferson said

“When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred”

May I add “When angry and emailing count to one thousand.”

Let Emails Wait

If you have a difficult email to write, before sending, let it wait overnight. Go back the next day and revise the contents. Often you may wish to moderate your comments. More about Translation Services UK

Do you Really Need to Write the Email?

Some emails are essential, but some are non essential. If we have the opportunity to speak to somebody anyway, there is no need to send a stream of emails about general chit chat.

Good English Should not to Be Forgotten.

Maybe I am bit old fashioned, but when writing emails I like to maintain the basics of good spelling and punctuation. (Mozilla inline spell checker is a real Godsend)

Some people feel they don’t have time to use Capitals, spelling and the basics of grammar. However, it is likely that they are writing more emails than necessary. If you don’t have time to write emails properly it is better to try and write less.

Break up your Email into bullet points

If your email is long, or contains several points, don’t write in long one sentence. White space gives the reader a breathing space. If you break up the mail into parts it makes it more likely it will be read. Note, how this post is broken up into different parts.

Standard Replies.

If you have many people writing about the same thing, write a standard reply you can customise. Save a short note in word or in an email draft. You can then add this standard reply to all relevant emails, saving time.

Give Email a relevant title

Makes for easier scanning. Don’t fill title with Re:re:re. If the subject changes, change the title.

Keep it short.

Did I mention keep it brief? The email should have a clear purpose. Avoid going off at a tangent. If you want to ask about “how to Create a new folder”. There is no need to start relaying a list of complaints about your new PC (or Mac) [1]

Funny Story

When email seemd very new (back in 1997) I was a student at Oxford University. We used to sometimes joke about political views, which were not entirely politically correct. After joking around, I decided to write an email and then, without thinking or reviewing it, I posted the email to the Guardian Newspaper.

They only went and printed it ! I was horrified to see this email, published in 8 million newspapers (slight exaggeration) but that is what it felt like. If it hadn’t been so easy to press the send button I may have held back and not sent it.

(I cannot at all remember the subject of the email. But, for example, it could have been a topic like men being more intelligent than women) – The point is, I learnt, you have to be careful about writing emails.

[1] Of course Mac users would never complain about their new computer – Even though it doesn’t have a delete key, which would be very useful.


Link Alternatif Sbobet
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Debbie Hit the Link Alternatif Sbobet Jackpot FIVE Times in FIVE Months Totaling $271,263.24!

London, June 7, 2001 – Jackpot Madness (www.jackpotmadness.com) announced this week that lucky Mom and Avon Lady Debbie R. has now won a total of $279,263 in five wins on three different progressives! First she won a total of $67,994.27 playing Cash Splash and WowPot at Colosseum Casino , on January 21. Then on March 30 she won $60,807.26 on Cash Splash at Grand Opry and on April 4 she hit the jackpot again on LotsaLoot for $40,757.22 at The Gaming Club. Finally, on May 14th she hit a Cash Splash grand slam at All Slots Casino and brought home a HUGE $109,674.49 jackpot. Debbie’s five large wins prove that when you play on the Microgaming-powered progressive jackpot games, your ship can come in more than once.

We spoke to an overwhelmed Debbie shortly after her fifth jackpot win and asked her how this fifth win compares to the previous four.


“I remember the last time we talked you said that you are looking forward to talking to me again. After we hung up, I told my husband and we both said that it was a nice thing to say, but we really didn’t believe it at all. Well, I guess you were right! This win was just as thrilling as the other ones. It is just so great and I am keeping the winning streak, one big one every month since January this year!”


When we asked her what her plans are for the winnings from this jackpot, Debbie reported, “With all these winnings, we decided to go ahead and build the house we were dreaming of. The winnings are really a great help. The house is in the same area that we are living in now and actually we are starting the construction very soon.”


Referring to advice from 3-time Cash Splash Link Alternatif Sbobet winner Blake R’s interview, Debbie told us, “Last time I took Blake’s advice to jump around between casinos, and Thank You Blake, I did that, and now MY total is higher than his! (editor’s note: Blake R. won $272,957.56) I still play here and there when the jackpots get high, actually I play anytime, but mostly when it is over $50,000, but if it is going to happen then it will.”


Pertaining to the special winners’ kit the progressives winners receive, containing branded t-shirts, hats, gym bags and magnets, and a digital camera, she told us, “I got my camera from Jackpot Madness and it is really nice. I also really like the ‘CARE packages’ we got from Cash Splash, Wow Pot and Lotsaloot. Those are all the progressives that I won on, and now I have to go for the Fruit Fiesta. What is neat about that game is that you can sit there forever, so I sit during the night and play that. My husband likes the progressive Supajax video poker but I am the one with all the luck!”


When we asked her after her fourth win what the secret is to her success, Debbie’s heartwarming answer was, “Sometimes I talk to my son who passed away, before I begin playing. I am trying to believe and keep faith, and just before I won the third time, I said: ‘if there is really a God, I would hit the jackpot’, and then I hit it! Immediately after I won I said that I have to go to church and make a donation. And even more than that, I have a little one of those gifts that says ‘if you miss me hold this close to your heart’, and right before I won, it fell, and then I said the thing about God and I hit it. I truly believe that my son is watching over me.”


About Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, run by Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, is the world’s largest online progressive network. All the jackpots won on the casinos providing these games are offered through full, direct cash payouts – the only games on the Internet offering this benefit. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. The jackpot totals are “live” and Jackpot Madness provides constantly updated information together with links to over 70 casinos. Total payouts are over $82,000,000 and counting.



Togel Singapore
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Togel Singapore Visa and the U.S. Government Clash

A U.S. House subcommittee met last Thursday to discuss the credit card- and financial services industries’ roles in online gambling. And from all accounts, the meeting only served to further polarize the opposing sides.

The House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations was convened to examine the relationship between online gambling and financial service companies as part of a growing demand that the government limit access to Internet wagering.

Representatives from the Interactive Gaming Council, the National Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and Visa, met before the committee to argue their cases. But the deck was stacked against the online gambling industry and the credit card companies before they even reached the meeting.

One of the key subcommittee members was Rep. James Leach of Iowa, who has sponsored a bill that would make it illegal to use checks, debit-, and credit cards to pay debts for, or receive profits from, Internet gambling.

The hearing also comes just as Rep. Robert Goodlatte is preparing to re-launch his online Togel Singapore gambling prohibition bill. The bill received majority support in the House last year, but failed to pass because it did not receive a two-thirds vote. Goodlatte wants to ban most forms of Net wagering, and plans to include many of Leach’s financial provisions in his revised legislation.

Several issues came to the fore during Thursday’s hearing. Experts from both sides told the subcommittee that it is difficult to prevent children from accessing gambling sites, that it is difficult to regulate most casino operations, and that problem gamblers can quickly get in over their heads.

Notwithstanding, representatives from the gaming industry told the subcommittee that efforts to ban online gambling would be difficult and that the U.S. government would be better off trying to regulate the industry.

The committee was also told that efforts to prevent credit card companies from processing transactions would likely fail because of the use of alternative payment solutions such as PayPal.

Government legislation that would restrict the business practices of the credit card companies proved to be a particularly contentious issue during the hearing. Mark McCarthy, head lobbyist for Visa USA Inc, said gamblers could get around financial regulations by using online payment companies. He also added that Leach’s proposed bill would put an unreasonable burden on Visa and other financial service companies to enforce federal regulations.

Visa maintains that gamblers themselves should bear the responsibility for wagering online with credit cards. Not surprisingly, Leach disagreed with that sentiment. “We have an absolute obligation to look at this issue before it gets out of hand,” he said.

The use of credit cards in online gambling is undoubtedly a serious issue, and as Rep. Leach noted, one that should be addressed. But opponents of the proposed financial legislation (and all-out ban) have raised some compelling issues of their own that cannot be ignored by the U.S. government.

It seems that a major showdown is brewing between the casinos, the credit card companies, and the U.S. federal government. And if this hearing is any indication of what’s to come, it will be quite a battle.

Stay tuned to WINNERonline for more details of this hearing and proposed legislation as it becomes available.…

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Lasseters and Gocorp Announce Singapore Online Casino Merger



Australia’s first regulated online casino, Lasseters Online, and listed company Gocorp Limited, announced they will merge to form a new company. Gocorp operates AusVegas online casino, which recently closed due to Australia’s Net gambling moratorium.


The merged company will have a global player base of more than 100,000.


Lasseters Holdings Limited will hold 75 percent of the equity in the merged entity and the current shareholders will hold the remaining 25 percent. Gocorp will acquire 100 percent of the equity in Lasseters Online (a division of Lasseters Holdings) and in return issue three shares in the merged entity for every one share in Gocorp.


“The proposed merger makes good business sense, because it injects the resources and capital Lasseters needs to support its global expansion,” said Peter Bridge, Lasseters Holdings Managing Director.


Bridge said Gocorp brings to the table excellent technology and approximately $5 million in cash.


“By adding Gocorp’s player base to Lasseters’ database of 95,000, the merged entity will achieve a critical mass that will continue to lower the cost of service delivery,” said Bridge.


Gocorp Chief Executive Officer Paul Appleby said the announcement is an important step towards fulfilling Gocorp’s objective to establish itself as a global leader in the online gaming space.


“Gocorp has always remained committed to responsible and regulated online gaming, and whilst the Federal Government’s moratorium halted our operations, I believe a merger with Lasseters Online will lead to the creation of a stronger entity capable of growth and ultimately leadership status,” Mr Appleby said.


Lasseters Online (www.lasseters.com.au) was launched in April 1999 and is regulated by the Northern Territory Government. In the 1999-2000 financial year, the business generated revenue of $5.4 million based on turnover of over $100 million. In the six months to 31 December 2000, Lasseters achieved turnover of more than $130 million and gaming revenues in excess of $7 million.


The merger is subject to the approval of Gocorp shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting in late March 2001 and other preconditions listed in the binding Heads of Agreement.


Best Places to Play Casino War Online


There are only two software providers that offer the Singapore Online Casino game of Casino War that I know of: Starnet and Real Time Gaming. Real Time Gaming calls the game “War” and Starnet calls it “Battle Royale.” It isn’t often that Starnet offers the best rules for any game but Casino War is a noteworthy exception.


For those those not familiar with the game the rules are simple. The player and dealer each get one card, the higher one wins. Cards are ranked according to their poker value and aces are always high. A win in the first round pays even money. In the event of a war the player may either surrender half his bet or go to war. If the player goes to war then he must double his wager and player and dealer each get another card. In the event the player wins the second round he wins even money on the original wager and pushes on the raise. If the player loses in the second round he loses both bets. Where the rules can vary is on a second tie. Most land casinos treat a second tie the same way as a second round win.


Both Real Time Gaming and Starnet use a single deck in Casino War. Real Time Gaming follows the conventional rules, resulting in a house edge of 2.42%. Where Starnet departs from the usual rules is paying 3 to 1 on the total amount bet in the event of a tie after a tie. This lowers the house edge to 0.66%, making Casino War, or Battle Royale as they call it, Starnet’s second best game after blackjack.


If you do try your luck at Starnet keep in mind they deal a very fast game and even with this comparatively low house edge your bankroll can go quickly.


Crypto Gambling
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Money On Tap: Is it Really Possible to Make Free Money Using Bitcoin Faucets with Crypto Gambling?

Make Money Using Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin is currently going through a purple patch. After hitting an all-time high in March, BTC surged even higher in May. This is a great bullish run for the cryptocurrency, which looks set to earn more exposure, as well as an expanded user base, as a result. Media outlets around the world are chiming in on the new Bitcoin price, which is currently trading over $1,500. As more people become aware of Bitcoin’s lucrative nature, investors pile in more money. Late adopters are known to greatly inflate prices, allowing early investors to ride the bullish wave. But what about if you’re new to Bitcoin and you’re not yet ready to dive into making trades? A quick and easy way to acquire some free Bitcoins is by using Bitcoin faucets, a rewards system that pays out a small fraction of Bitcoin when users complete a simple task.

These tasks can be anything from solving simple captchas to playing very basic casino games. While Bitcoin faucets aren’t likely to make you a fortune, they are a viable way to earn a small amount of cryptocurrency with relatively low risk. For instance, many faucets don’t pay out more than 1,000 Satoshi at a time, which is around 1 cent. Bitcoin faucets are primarily designed to get people onto specific websites which usually make money through ad revenue. Generally, the higher the amount of traffic a website has, the more ad revenue it can make. This creates a situation where the Bitcoin faucet owner and the faucet participant benefit – the latter get free Satoshi paid into their Bitcoin wallet. There are a few different types of Bitcoin faucet. Some only require a participant to log onto a website to claim a reward, while others involve very simple games being played before a payout is secured.

Strategizing to Maximize Your Winnings

Playing games in order to earn Bitcoin makes the earning process interactive and entertaining. Rollin.io is a relatively straightforward higher-or-lower-type dice game, where players must input a number and then make a prediction on whether a generated number will be higher or lower. As with any game, it is important for players to fully familiarize themselves with the rules and odds of all of the possible outcomes prior to playing, and the site offers rules and tutorial sections to inform users of the various permutations available.

While relatively simplified offerings, faucets such as these can be compared in a number of ways to casino games such as roulette and blackjack. For example, knowing the rules and  helps to inform players on the pros and cons of inside and outside betting, as well as the odds of winning in European, French or American variations of the game. Similarly, TT Games’ Lego Worlds, which re-released for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 on March 7, 2017, came complete with a fully featured tutorial to ease players into the game. Likewise, Satoshi Mines, which functions as a Bitcoin-based take on the traditional Minesweeper PC game, also provides players with a help section that covers basic gameplay elements as well as guidance on the odds and minimum bets available.

Sign-up and Claim Faucets

These are by far the easiest Bitcoin faucet to take part in. All that’s required to start being rewarded with Bitcoin is to go to the site, sign up using a Bitcoin address (and sometimes an email address) or Xapo and start claiming. These sites usually have a limit on how frequently you can claim for Crypto Gambling; 99Bitcoins, for example, restricts users to claiming 10,000 Satoshi every five minutes. Overall, there are hundreds of Bitcoin faucets available, each with their own unique perks and quirks. Faucets offer a good way to claim some free Bitcoin, albeit in small quantities. When selecting your faucet, be sure to search for reviews and feedback of the operator in question. Some faucets are more trustworthy and have higher payout success rates than others – and be sure to avoid any faucets that look too good to be true.



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Gamblers nervous as business slows in AC and best online casino singapore



ATLANTIC CITY — These days, seats are easier to find on the buses that ferry gamblers to Atlantic City’s casinos. Suddenly, the 25-cent slot players from Pennsylvania, New York and northern New Jersey don’t want to make the trip.


When they do, they’re nervous. They ask for rooms close to the ground. Rooms in high-rise casino towers, once the most desirable because of their spectacular Atlantic Ocean view, are now going begging.


“We’ve been here since Sunday, and we’re spending all night in the casino or the restaurant because we don’t want to go upstairs,” said Margaret Nierwinski, 48, of Trenton, who was staying at Trump Plaza.


“It isn’t just us. You don’t see the people like you used to. The casinos are definitely going to lose out,” she said.


The casinos, which normally flourish in both boom and lean times, have been struggling since Sept. 11, when hijacked jetliners crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.


Industry officials estimate a 10 percent reduction in gross revenue so far.


Casino company stock prices have fallen. And Park Place Entertainment Corp. of Las Vegas, the industry giant that owns four Atlantic City casino hotels, has put on hold plans for $87 million worth of renovations and additions to the properties.


“Any casino operator in Atlantic City right now will tell you that they’re seeing the worst results in the city’s history,” said casino industry analyst Jason Ader, senior managing director of Bear Stearns.


“Our research indicates that people don’t want to travel. It’s as simple as that. The leisure market is staying close to home, and business travelers don’t want to stray far either,” Ader said.


Park Place Entertainment, owner of Bally’s Park Place, Caesars Atlantic City, the Atlantic City Hilton and the Claridge Casino Hotel, has put off plans for a $50 million expansion of the Hilton, a $25 million pedestrian bridge linking the Claridge and Bally’s Park Place and a new $12 million facade for Caesars.


Company spokeswoman Debbie Munch would not comment on casino revenues or overall results Wednesday. “Visitation was better than we expected, given the terrible events that hit the region last week. We’re pleased the Miss America Pageant is being held as scheduled because it’s been a big boost.”


Officials at several other casinos did not respond to requests for interviews on the slowdown.


Walter Heck, 73, of Wyoming, Pa., who came by bus to gamble at Trump Plaza, said people are edgy since the attacks.


“I was eating in a restaurant at Caesars on Monday night, and a fire alarm went off. I never saw people move so quickly. It turned out to be a false alarm,” he said. Learn more about best online casino singapore


“Our bus driver told us a lot of people are canceling their trips,” said his wife Betty, 65.


Ader said casinos here could resort to layoffs to stem their losses.


But things could be worse. Experts say Las Vegas, which relies on air travel for up to 70 percent of its casino business, stands to suffer worse than Atlantic City.


Indeed, some who usually go to Las Vegas gamblers have come here instead.


“I was supposed to be in Las Vegas right now, but I’m here instead,” said Lucille Smith, 52, of Fallston, Md., who was gambling at Trump Plaza. “I’m afraid to fly now.”




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Online Casino Gives Net’s Biggest Ligaz11 Christmas Present

Online Casino, InterCasino (www.intercasino.com), one of several hundred online casinos competing to give away the biggest ever prize online, has awarded what very well may be the net’s biggest Christmas present.


Online Casino, InterCasino (www.intercasino.com), one of several hundred online casinos competing to give away the biggest ever prize online, has awarded what very well may be the net’s biggest idman Azərbaycan Christmas present. The company awarded $152,488.36 to member and slot enthusiast that goes by the patriotic nickname , after he hit the jackpot playing the company’s mega-jackpot game Rags to Riches Video Slot.


Rags to Riches is a progressive Jackpot slot with a minimum payout of $100,000.


FLAGG04 had been a loyal customer at InterCasino for more than one year before winning his $152,488.36, and is overjoyed by this pre-holiday treat.


“I see this like a giant Christmas present that has come early. I can tell you for sure, there is no feeling in the world like winning a massive amount of money. And with the holidays just around the corner there couldn’t have been a better time to win. I’ve had a few memorable Christmas presents in the past but this is the best one ever! Thanks a million and Happy Holidays to InterCasino!”


But just sending a check wasn’t enough for the company that has forged a reputation for putting the player first. On top of the $152,488.36, flamboyant manager Ryan Hartley insisted on sending a holiday gift basket to FLAGG04 and his family.


“I just love to see happy people!” says Ryan. “And if the Las Vegas’ of the world can send gifts to their players, than why can’t we? In fact I think InterCasino can cater to its players better than any other casino on the Internet, and its my job to prove it.” And judging by their history –winner of “Casino of the Year 2001” and one of the largest and most well established casinos online- they are probably already there.


InterCasino has 300,000 other little presents to give away before Christmas if someone as Ligaz11 lucky as FLAGG04 comes along. Right now their Rags to Riches progressive jackpot is filled to the gills with money as is their Caribbean Poker game, and as InterCasino’s bevy of winners will tell you, it’s only a matter of time before someone else gets their online Christmas present a few days early.




Release of Neocron to prompt surge in high-speed Internet subscribers


A survey conducted by computer games publisher CDV Software Entertainment has revealed that 86 per cent of those interested in purchasing the forthcoming PC title Neocron are considering upgrading to a broadband Internet connection – making the game one of the most important motivators in getting Britain hooked up to the high-speed Internet.


Neocron, scheduled for release in March 2002, is a futuristic ‘massively multiplayer online role playing game’ (MMORPG) set in a 28th Century metropolis. Users become citizens of Neocron – deciding whether to experience exciting adventures or just live a normal life in this virtual world.


The game has already generated considerable worldwide interest before it has launched – with over 62,000 people having registered for the pre-release test programme.


The survey was hosted at www.neocron.com – the game’s official site. It shows the UK lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of high-speed Internet access, with close to three times as many of those outside the UK claiming ADSL/broadband connectivity, compared with users within our shores.


“Multiplayer games offer the strongest incentive to upgrade an Internet connection,” says Leo Zullo, Marketing Manager, CDV Software Entertainment, “and Neocron’s users say they will be doing it in droves. If our forecasts are correct, the Neocron subscriber base could drive nationwide broadband subscription up by 10 per cent in one fell swoop. If the broadband networks are serious about encouraging take-up of high speed Internet access, they need to consider working with releases such as Neocron. As it is not music or video downloads which will drive broadband subscribers – it’s the games industry.”


The survey was conducted via www.neocron.com between 26th October and 23rd November 2002. In total, 903 forum members were surveyed.





Qiu Qiu Online
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The Qiu Qiu Online Voice from Above

A man walks along a lonely beach. Suddenly he hears a deep voice: DIG ! He looks around: nobody’s there. I am having hallucinations, he thinks. Then he hears the voice again: I SAID, DIG !

So he starts to dig in the sand with his bare hands, and after some inches, he finds a small chest with a rusty lock. The deep voice says: OPEN !

Ok, the man thinks, let’s open the thing. He finds a rock with which to destroy the lock, and when the chest is finally open, he sees a lot of gold coins. The deep voice says: TO THE CASINO !

Well the casino is only a few miles away, so the man takes the chest and walks to the casino. The deep voice says: ROULETTE !

So he changes all the gold into a huge pile of roulette tokens and goes to one of the tables, where the players gaze at him with disbelief. The deep voice says: 27 !

He takes the whole pile and drops it at the 27. The table nearly bursts. Everybody is quiet when the croupier throws the ball.

A blackjack dealer and a Qiu Qiu Online player with a thirteen count in his hand were arguing about whether or not it was appropriate to tip the dealer.

The player said, “When I get bad cards, it’s not the dealers fault. Accordingly, when I get good cards, the dealer obviously had nothing to do with it so why should I tip him?” The dealer said, “When you eat out do you tip the waiter?” “Yes.” “Well then, he serves you food, I’m serving you cards so you should tip me.”

“OK, but, the waiter gives me what I ask for…I’ll take an eight.”

The Soda Machine

A blonde went to Las Vegas. She had been in the casino for about an hour, and realized she was thirsty. So she went to the pop machine in the hall. She put $1.00 in an a Pespi came out, she put another $1.00 in and another Pespi came out, she put one last $1.00 in and another Pespi came out.

A man saw her, and he said: “What are you doing?” And the blonde said: “Duh!! Winning!!!”

A man walks into a bar and notices a poker game at the far table. Upon taking a closer look he sees a dog sitting at the table. This peaks his curiousity and he walks closer and sees cards and chips in front of the dog. Then the next hand is dealt and cards are dealt to the dog. The dog acts in turn with all the other players, calling, raising, discarding, everything the other human players were doing.


However, none of the other players seemed to pay any mind to the fact that they were playing with a dog, they just treated him like any other player. Finally the man could no longer hold his tongue, so between hands he quietly said to one of the players, “I can’t believe that dog is playing poker, he must be the smartest dog in the world!”


The player smiled and said, “He isn’t that smart, every time he gets a good hand, he wags his tail.”