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The Bellagio Five-Diamond World Poker Classic — Bola88 Part III



With two tables left in the event, I was the chip leader, but there was still lots of work to be done. My table absolutely stunk! It was full of top players, while the other table was full of newer players.


Nonetheless, I held my own at that tough table and went to the final table of 10 players as the chip leader with more than $2 million. Very early on in final-table play, Jennifer Harman, who’d been playing like a wizard all day, raised from first position to $80,000. The blinds were $15,000-$30,000 at the time, so that was a pretty standard raise.


In second Bola88 position, the second-place chip leader Eric Weiner called the $80,000. Next to the button, I looked down at the 8clubs 7clubs and just loved the situation. If I could catch a lucky flop, this might be a good opportunity to put a stranglehold on the tournament.


Now, if you are playing the 8clubs 7clubs, you are really looking to hit a straight draw, a flush draw, a pair, or maybe even two pair. Well, how do you like this for a flop? 9clubs 6clubs 5spades! Not only did I flop the nut straight, but I also had a straight-flush draw, to boot.


Jennifer went ahead and bet $150,000 on the flop. For her to bet this scary board, she clearly had to have something, so I was already thinking about how I was going to get all of her chips. Should I make a small raise? Smooth-call and wait for the turn? Go all in? There were several options, but I decided to try to attach her to the hand by raising the minimum. If she had an overpair, as she was representing, it would be very tough for her to get away from it.


Just as I was going through that process, Eric Weiner declared himself all in! Wow, somebody pinch me; how sweet is this?! I was just hoping to get some action on the hand from Jennifer, and now I had a chance to bust the second-place chip leader.


So, obviously, I called, and Jennifer smartly mucked her Q-Q. At this point, I wasn’t sure what I wanted Eric to have, but my first instincts told me that he must have flopped a set. Yup, he had flopped three nines. When I called, he must have been ecstatic, figuring me for a smaller set.


Surprise, surprise, Eric, my bust ’em had hit the flop in a big way. He got no help on the turn and no help on the river, and I’d reached the $4 million mark in chips. By the time we got down to sevenhanded, I had well over half the chips in play.


With a monster chip lead, my strategy was pretty simple: “Stay aggressive, but don’t do anything stupid.” By that time, the blinds were already $30,000-$60,000 with a $10,000 ante, so I was raising to $150,000 at least twice a round. I didn’t have that many good hands, obviously, but since everyone else was so short on chips, they were forced to wait for a hand.


If someone reraised me, I simply threw it away unless I had the goods. That simple, aggressive strategy saw my chip count go from $4 million all the way up to more than $6.8 million with six players remaining. There is one valuable lesson I learned from something John Juanda once said that I’m passing on to you. John once explained that it’s important to protect a big stack. Too many people are preoccupied with knocking players out, figuring they can afford it, but it’s simply more important not to risk losing a large lead, because it’s an advantage you can exploit with much less risk. In other words, with that many chips, you don’t have to take the worst of it if the situation doesn’t warrant it. Let the short stacks fight for position while you pick up the scraps along the way.


The next day for the television taping, I picked up right where I left off, staying aggressive but not giving anybody the chance to double up unless I had a solid hand. I opened pots with lots of trash hands, but when I put in large sums of money, I always made sure I came prepared with a real hand.


I finally got heads up with Humberto Brenes with about a 4-1 chip lead, and aside from a couple of minor scares, the road to victory wasn’t all that difficult. It’s not because I played so great at that final table, that’s not the case at all. It simply illustrates the power of a commanding chip lead.


I played one final big pot with Humberto when the flop came 7-4-3. Humberto had top pair, 8-7, while I also had top pair with a king kicker. If Humberto won that pot, it would be the first time since day two that I had not had the chip lead. A 5 on the turn gave him more outs, but when he blanked out on the river, I felt more relief than I did joy.


It was a strange moment. Coming to the final table with that big a lead, second place would have felt like an absolute disaster. Unlike my Borgata win a month earlier, which was extremely emotional for me, the feeling this time was much less enjoyable. Hey, it’s not that I wasn’t happy, but the Borgata win seemed more dramatic and had my heart pumping on several occasions.


Coming to the final table as a prohibitive favorite adds even more pressure than normal. If you don’t win, coming in second is even considered failure. If you find yourself in a situation like that soon (lucky you), remember to maintain your focus, stay calm, and, finally, don’t do anything stupid!




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Coaches’ Heads Continue To Togel Roll



Brazil’s Dunga became the latest coach to be shown the door after his team’s shock 2-1 loss to The Netherlands in Port Elizabeth yesterday. Dunga joins Javier Aguirre, who quit as coach of Mexico after their 3-1 defeat to Argentina in the Round of 16, Takeshi Okada, who stepped down as manager of Japan following the Samurai Blue’s penalty shootout exit to Paraguay at the same stage and Huh Jung Moo, who threw in the towel after South Korea were knocked out by Uruguay also in the first knockout stage.




Several head coaches had already announced their intention to quit before the tournament even began including the hapless French coach Togel Raymond Domenech, the Socceroos’ Pim Verbeek and Italy’s Marcello Lippi.


Fabio Capello survived an anxious waiting period from the English FA before being confirmed in his post for the 2012 European Championship qualifiers that begin in September.


Okada is confident that his side can make history and reach the final eight of a World Cup for the first time, taking one step closer to fulfilling his pre-tournament prediction that Japan are good enough to reach the semi-finals in South Africa.


Few were left doubting that premise after Japan’s 3-1 drubbing of Denmark in their final group game, in a match in which both Keisuke Honda and Yasuhito Endo mastered the erratic Jabulani ball to crash home spectacular free-kicks.


Japanese players have long been renowned for their exceptional technique, but it’s the hard-running and incisive vision of CSKA Moscow midfielder Honda that has caught the eye, with a host of European clubs now putting the creative talent at the top of their shopping list.


Honda had hardly featured for the Samurai Blue in the build-up to the World Cup finals, but he has quickly transformed into a team leader in the absence of an out-of-sorts Shunsuke Nakamura.


Such is Honda’s exceptional form up front that Shimizu S-Pulse striker Shinji Okazaki now looks likely to spend the rest of the tournament starting from the bench, despite the fact that the powerful front man was the most prolific international striker in 2009.


Okazaki is not the only player to have fallen foul of Okada’s axe, with Schalke-bound defender Atsuto Uchida another left out in the cold during the chilly South African winter, as veteran Yuichi Komano is preferred on the right-hand side of defence.


Komano is a part of a back four rippling with experience, and many critics believe that towering stoppers Marcus Tulio Tanaka and Yuji Nakazawa have been arguably the stand-out central defensive partnership in this year’s tournament.


The pair will need to display all their renowned fighting spirit to keep an impressive looking Paraguay attack at bay, and if Manchester City star Roque Santa Cruz isn’t a formidable enough opponent, the South Americans also have Borussia Dortmund strikers Nelson Valdez and Lucas Barrios to call upon.


Like their opponents, Paraguay have never reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup, so history will be made come the full-time whistle at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria.


Takeshi Okada won’t want to be reaching for the plough just yet, and he is confident that his side can conjure another unexpected victory, as Japan’s enigmatic coach looks to continue his surprising renaissance at the helm of the national team.



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Roy’s Togel Hongkong Odyssey reaches its end



UEFA Europa League Final 2010


Atletico Madrid v Fulham


When Liverpool sagged to let Diego Forlan net and send Atletico Madrid into the Europa League final, it was a mini-victory for the competition. An Anglo-Spanish final sounds more, well, continental than a re-run of a Premier League game.


English clubs might flash the cash but we don’t want an all-any nation European final any more than a Chelsea v Man U Champions League final every season. Contrasting styles is what European cups should be about. A bit sad for ‘Pool, whose fans could have followed in the footsteps of the Beatles on the Reeperbahn of that great German port city.


Perhaps the Europa League is just a punch diluted so much it lacks the Togel Hongkong kick of the old UEFA Cup, as lukewarm as the lineup for the old Cup Winners’ Cup, a collection of Champions League rejects and former European greats like Marseille, Anderlecht, Benfica and Panathanaikos.


If we can forget the languorous saga of that 18-game odyssey the teams took to the final, the meagre winnings and overall feeling of second prize compared to the mighty Champions League, the meeting of big-ish Atletico and little Fulham has a lot to recommend it.


World Cup 2010 Referees and Assistants.


The 30 referees and their assistants for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa have been chosen. There are 4 referees and their assistants from Africa, 4 from CONCACAF, 6 from South America, 2 from Oceania, 4 from Asia and 10 from UEFA.


Joel Aguilar (El Salvador)

William Torres, Francisco Zumba


Khalil Al Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia)

Hassan Kamranifar (Iran), Saleh Mohamed Al Marzouqi (UAE)


Carlos Amarilla (Paraguay)

Ruiz Roa, Nicolas Yegros


Benito Archundia (Mexico)

Hector Vegara (Canada), Marvin Torrentera


Hector Baldassi (Argentina)

Ricardo Casas, Herman Maidana


Carlos Batres (Guatemala)

Leonel Leal (Costa Rica), Carlos Pastrana (Honduras)


Mohamed Benouza (Algeria)

Nasser Abdel Nabi (Egypt), Maamer Chabane


Olegario Benquerenca (Portugal)

Jose Manuel Silva Cardinal, Bertino Miranda


Massimo Bussaca (Switzerland)

Matthias Arnet, Francesco Buragina


Koman Coulibaly (Mali)

Redouane Achik (Morocco), Maniel Candido (Angola)


Jerome Damon (South Africa)

Celestin Ntagungira (Rwanda), Enock Molefe


Franck De Bleeckere (Belgium)

Peter Hermans, Walter Vromans


Martin Hansson (Sweden)

Henrik Andren, Stefan Wittberg


Michael Hester (New Zealand)

Jan-Hendrik Hintz, Tevita Makasini (Tonga)


Ravshan Irmatov (Uzbekistan)

Rafael Ilyasov, Bahadyr Kochkarov (Kyrgyzstan)


Victor Kassai (Hungary)

Gabor Eros, Tibor Vamos


Stephane Lannoy (France)

Eric Dansault, Laurent Ugo


Jorge Larrionda (Uruguay)

Pablo Fandino, Maurico Espinosa


Eddy Maillet (Seychelles)

Evarist Menkouande (Cameroon), Bechir Hassani (Tunisia)


Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh (Malaysia)

Yuxin Mu (China), Jeffrey Gek Pheng (Singapore)


Yuichi Nishimura (Japan)

Toru Sagara, Jeong Hae-sang (South Korea)


Peter O’Leary (New Zealand)

Brent Best, Matthew Taro (Solomon Islands)


Marco Rodriguez (Mexico)

Jose Luis Camaego, Alberto Morin


Roberto Rosetti (Italy)

Paolo Calcagno, Stefano Ayroldi


Oscar Ruiz (Colombia)

Abraham Gonzalez, Humberto Clavijo


Carlos Eugenio Simon (Brazil)

Altemir Hausmann, Roberto Braatz


Wolfgang Stark (Germany)

Jan Salver, Mike Pickel


Alberto Undiano (Spain)

Fermin Martinez, Juan Carlos Yuste


Howard Webb (England)

Darren Cann, Michael Mullarkey


Not many column inches have been written about Atletico, whose European high point came in tying the 1974 European Cup Final with Bayern, before losing the replay. Their domestic hour of glory was the league and cup double of 1996, but the Spanish capital’s second club have struggled to break the Barca-Real log-jam since. Coach Quique Sanchez Flores, has only been in the job since October, but has hauled the Rojiblancos to the Copa del Rey final as well as this one.


But Roy Hodgson remains the real hero of the hour. He rather resembles an English coach of the ’30s or ’50s, having dragged his suitcase of coaching manuals around eight countries. Should Fabio Capello call it a day now, he would appear an inspired choice to replace him.


Into his seventh decade, Hodgson has distilled a simple football philosophy which has guided one of the Premier League’s poorer teams into a European final for the first time. Fulham, that cosy little club by the Thames no-one has a bad word to say about.


Like Odysseus, he has led his warriors on an odyssey through many trials, the last of which is tonight, before he can bring them home with their booty.


Possible lineups:Fulham – Schwarzer; Pantsil, Hangeland, Hughes, Konchesky, Davies, Murphy, Etuhu, Duff, Gera, Zamora

Atletico – De Gea, Valera, Dominguez, Perea, Antonio Lopez, Reyes, Assuncao, Raul Garcia, Simao, Aguero, Forlan


(c) Sean O’Conor & Soccerphile…

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The best Togel Hongkong league in the world? Colombia’s answer to the English Premier League



The rich legend of El Dorado (Spanish for “the golden one”) runs deep in Colombia. The story centres on a South American tribal chief who would cover himself in gold dust and leap into the highland lakes of the country’s Cundinamarca and Boyaca regions.


Not so memorable is the British soap opera of the same name which was axed by BBC controller Alan Yentob after running three times a week for a year. The show was meant to bring the glamour and beauty of the Spanish Costa del Sol into British homes but flopped badly.


El Dorado is also the name given to a period of prestige for the Togel Hongkong Colombian domestic league. In the late 1940s and early 1950s the best players in the world plied their trade in Bogota, Santa Fe and other Colombian cities.


The Dimayor league was set-up and immediately broke free of Colombia’s existing amateur football authority. A further dispute with FIFA over the rebel league led to sanctions being imposed on the national team.


These potential problems served only to galvanise those running The Dimayor and with the league bolstered by money from Colombian coffee sales soon the best players in South America were lured in.


Aspects with allowed The Dimayor to flourish included a raft of Argentinean players arriving to play in Colombia that were currently on strike in their home country. This meant the likes of River Plate star Adolfo Pedernera were soon signing up for league founder Alfonso Senior’s Millonarios in 1949.


Pedernera was greeting at the Aeropuerto de Techo in Bogota by 5,000 fans and made the club a stack of money on the spot. The modern day equivalent would be a club presenting David Beckham and seeing an instant bump in their revenue as a result.


The Dimayor was forward thinking in its approach to making the game an attractive spectacle as possible to the Colombian crowds. Numbers were displayed on the back of the player’s jerseys, two substitutions were allowed per team and professional English referees were employed.


Another point which allowed The Dimayor to bloom was that the teams did not have to pay any transfer fees to clubs such as River Plate because FIFA did not recognise the league and therefore it was outside their jurisdiction.


This meant Millonarios were able to return to Argentina and pluck Alfredo Di Stefano, already well on his way to becoming a star in his own right. Indeed, when Millionarios were at their pomp they fielded a team which included 10 Argentineans.


Imagine the stick Arsene Wenger would get if he put out a team of 10 Frenchman in the Premier League. But then again Millionarios did win four league titles during the five seasons of El Dorado so maybe that kind of success would silence the critics.


Other teams took advantage of The Dimayor’s anarchic constitution and began affiliations with the players of foreign countries.


Independiente de Medellin were nicknamed Danza del Sol (Sun dance) because of the 12 Peruvian players on their books and over at Deportivo Samarios de Santa Marta there were 15 exiled Hungarians on the payroll.


Two years after its inception The Dimayor feature 320 foreign nationals, Corporacion Nuevo Cucuta Deportivo signing up 8 members of the Uruguay team that won the 1950 World Cup.


Players from foreign countries tended to remain clumped together in same city. As well as the Argentines, Uruguayans, Peruvians and Hungarians turning out for clubs you could find Brazilians in Barranqilla, Costa Ricans in Bogota and the British in Santa Fe


Independiente Santa Fe managed to bring in Neil Franklin and George Mountford from Stoke City as well as the mercurial Charlie Mitten from Matt Busby’s Manchester United. Not to be outdone Millionarios reacted by signing Billy Higgins from Everton and Bobby Flavell from Hearts. Of the British imports however, it was only Charlie Mitten who would stay in Colombia for a full season.


In four seasons at Old Trafford Charlie Mitten collected three league runners-up medals as well as winning the FA Cup while part of Matt Busby’s first post-war Manchester United side. In 1950 Mitten was offered £50 a week to play for Santa Fe plus a £10,000 signing on fee, the current maximum wage for a footballer in England £8 per week during the season and £6 a week during the summer.


When Charlie told Matt Busby he was going to leave the Scot was obviously upset to lose his highly talented left winger but when he heard the numbers involved he reportedly told Charlie to get in touch if they needed a manager.


On returning to England after his season in the sun Mitten was treated like a pariah by the football authorities. He was suspended from the game for six months and fined six months wages. He was transferred by Manchester United, who still held his registration, to Fulham.


Although The Cottagers were relegated during his four seasons with them Charlie Mitten chipped in with his fair share of goals and formed a deadly left sided partnership with Johnny Haynes.


Mitten’s record of 17 successful penalty conversions with no misses remains a record at Manchester United and before his death in 2002 he explained his success from the spot.


“Looking at the number of penalty misses by the supposedly best players in the world during shoot-outs, I wonder how often some of those players practice what is the simplest trick in the whole of soccer. So many players today run at the ball as if it were a bag of sweets and just whack it.


“You must aim, aim always for the corners of the goal. When I was shooting I wasn’t watching the keeper. I was looking for a place, the hole, where I was going to put the ball.


“You can kick it as hard as you like, but try keeping it a foot high as well. A shot like that is impossible to save – it is a certain goal.”


Mitten managed Mansfield Town, Newcastle United and Altrincham before retiring from football. He remains perhaps England’s greatest ever uncapped player.


The El Dorado period of domestic Colombian football was eventually wrapped up after five seasons. Events came to a head when Colombian clubs started to refuse to allow their players leave to represent their countries.


The Pact of Lima was signed in 1951 and Colombian football return to FIFA’s fold. For his part in proceedings the founder of The Dimayor and Millionarios chief Alfonso Senior bagged a job with the world’s governing body.


The Pact stipulated that all foreign recruits had to return to their country of origin by 1954. Argentines Di Stefino and Hector Rial had other ideas though and went on to form the cornerstone of the great Real Madrid team which won the European Cup every year from 1956 to 1960.


Mitten was also feted by Real Madrid after his time in Colombia but did not move due to his family feeling homesick. Di Stefino himself recalled ‘Cheeky’ Charlie from his playing days and regrets the Englishman not joining him at Madrid.


“Ah, Charlie Mitten, numero uno. If we have him we never need Francisco Gento. Gento he quick, but Mitten, he more clever.”


Park Ji-sung is still going strong and has featured often for Manchester United of late. His lack of goals remains a cause for concern and that remains the major stumbling block to the star becoming an automatic pick. Still, he is likely to start against Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League.


Kim Do-heon has been stuttering at West Brom though a serious injury hasn’t helped. The midfielder was starting to impress before collapsing to the floor in the first minute of a match at Middlesbrough in October. He has yet to find his rhythm since returning to fitness. Seol Ki-hyeon has been loaned from the bench of Fulham to Saudi Arabian giants Al-Hilal and is doing well in Riyadh.


What of Ahn Jung-hwan? The 2002 World Cup hero decided to leave Busan but has yet not found a new club. The media has been full of rumours of a move to the United States. Despite the weeks of agent activity, sources in the US remain nonplussed as to why the story is still alive.


Things are never simple with Ahn, who knows what goes on in that handsome head of his?



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Ferguson labels Real Madrid Qq Online as “the mob”



It’s more than rivalry. It’s enmity. It’s been simmering some time now and it has escalated this week over Cristiano Ronaldo.

After learning of reports in the Spanish press that Manchester United had agreed to sell Cristian Ronaldo next summer, Sir Alex Ferguson slammed Real Madrid, saying he would never do another deal with “that mob”.

Spanish daily El Mundo reported that United and Madrid had reached a gentleman’s agreement for Ronaldo’s transfer to Santiago Bernabeu next summer.

The agreement was supposed to be Qq Online kept secret, but at least three Real’s directors could not resist chatting about that with their acquaintances.

Now Ferguson says there is no chance he will sell Europe’s top player to the Spanish club because of Real’s ungentlemanly conduct.

“Do you think I would get into a contract with that mob. Jesus Christ, no chance. I wouldn’t sell them a virus,” he said in a press conference in Japan where his team reached FIFA’s Club World Cup finals against Liga de Quito.

“There is absolutely no agreement at all between the clubs.”

Still, could Manchester United’s hierarchy have made a deal with Real’s Ramón Calderón behind Sir Alex’s back?

Why not, since Ronaldo is eager to join one of the few clubs more glamorous than United themselves and the closer his contract due to run until 2012 nears the end the lower his price-tag will be.

As early as next July, the Portuguese will be able to buy off his own contract at the price of his remaining salary of 120,000 pounds per week which must be less than what Real are ready to pay for a regular transfer fee.


Beckenbauer calls Rensing an amateur for Stuttgart blunder


Bayern Munich club president Franz Beckenbauer fiercely criticised keeper Michael Rensing for an error that led to the two point loss last Saturday against Stuttgart.

Bayern were 2-1 ahead until the last minute but then conceded a goal because Rensing, according to Beckenbauer, failed to intervene in time and seize the ball.

“When a keeper runs out from the goal, he has to catch the ball. The way in which he attempted to fist the ball away was amateurish,” said the “Kaiser” after the match.

“His criticism is a heap of nonsense. At least three or four players were straight ahead of me. I could not simply push them away. Furthermore, I was fouled and Jens Lehmann (Stuttgart’s goalie) confirmed that with me that afterwards,” replied Rensing, who succeeded the legendary Oliver Kahn at the start of this season.

“Earlier I was a bit irritated by being criticised, but not any more. Everybody is trying to be clever after the game. In fact my goal is to be Germany’s first choice keeper one day,” admitted Rensing, brave for standing up to the authoritative Beckenbauer.



Another Eto’os sweet revenge on Real Madrid


The biggest club match in the world, the Spanish el clásico, allowed Barcelona to open a 12-point gap over Real Madrid and cost Bernd Schuster his job at the Bernabeu.


Scoring the opener in the 2-0 win for the Catalan side, Samuel Eto’o showed he had not forgotten Real Madrid’s debt for having disowned him on three occasions. In 1999, Madrid loaned him to Espanyol, in 2000 to Mallorca and then in 2004 refused to pay 11 million euros to the same club to buy out the other half of the player’s contract.

Barcelona paid the full transfer and carried the big prize, as Eto’o went on to score 94 goals in only 122 Primera división appearances and the equalizer in the 2006 Champions League final against Arsenal.


Since arriving from Mallorca, Eto’o has scored four goals against Real, the first in 2004 at Nou Camp in a 3-0 win, the second the next year at the Bernabeu in a 4-2 loss and the third in late 2005 as Barcelona smashed Real by 3-0 in Madrid.

Three years have passed since that night and Eto’o failed time and time again to add the fourth against his archrivals. It seemed that the drought would continue when the Cameroonian missed a penalty with 20 minutes remaining, but in the 83rd minute he made up for the miss beating Íker Casillas with a marvellously predatory strike.


Ironically, new coach Josep Guardiola last summer thought of getting rid of

the sometimes overly temperamental Eto’o, but changed his mind just in time when noticing the striker’s commitment in the pre-season. And the African has repaid him with 15 goals so far in the Spanish league alone. And it’s not even Christmas.


Mourinho and Mihajlovic, forever friends


Inter’s coach José Mourinho has found an equally sharp-tongued rival in Sinisa Mihajlovic, new boss at Bologna.

Their conflict flared up over Inter’s player Adriano Leite, of whom Mihajlovic

said he should not be allowed to practice with the first team on account of his frequent disciplinary breaches.

Mourinho promptly replied to Mihajlovic, former assistant coach at Inter during Roberto Mancini’s reign.

“Everybody deserves a second chance. If Inter once allowed their player to practice with the first team even though he had spat at an opponent in the face, why shouldn’t Adriano get a new chance?”

The man alluded at by Mourinho was none other than Mihajlovic, who on one occasion spat on Adrian Mutu.

The Serb coach responded vehemently to the Portuguese.

“I cannot discuss soccer with Mourinho because he never played and he does not understand certain things. I did all sorts of stuff in my career which could not be justified and for which I got punished,” said Mihajlovic.

“By the way, his remark had nothing to do with what I said of Adriano.”

Now it was Mourinho’s turn to make fun of Mihajlovic for not working at Inter anymore.

“My assistant today is (Giuseppe) Baresi but Mihajlovic is speaking of Inter as if he was still working here.”

Mihajlovic left San Siro last summer alongside his friend, head coach Mancini, to make room for – Mourinho.



Brazilian President happy: Ronaldo, welcome to my Corinthians


Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, is thrilled that Ronaldo Nazario Lima has signed for Corinthians, the club that Lula has supported since childhood.

“I was greatly pleased by the news. First, because he is a good chap and second, because he has done Brazil great service,” said Lula to tv channel Bandeirantes.

“It is true that he has reached the veteran stage (32), so he is likely to score fewer goals than before, but he can still be useful at the club level. I appeal to the fans to be patient with him if he does not start playing great right away.”


Somewhat less thrilled are Flamengo fans, who expected Ronaldo to join their team instead of their Sao Paulo “enemies”. Some of the Rio team’s ultras have even hired a witchdoctor whose job it is to conjure some black magic and prevent Ronaldo from triumphing at Corinthians. Some fans have even expressed desire to see the “traitor” break his leg so he could not make his debut for his new club!


Riquelme on target for inciting violence


Although an idol for millions of Argentinians, Juan Román Riquelme has been summoned to court to answer charges over inciting violence.

Riquelme appeared this week at a misdemeanor court in Buenos Aires under charges of inciting disorder during a league game last November.

The cause for the trial seems trivial indeed. During the Boca vs Rácing game (2-1), a spectator had shouted abuse and made rude gestures towards Boca’s players. After volleying the winning goal, Riquelme ran 50 meters towards the stand where the abusive fan was sitting and showed him the finger.

The public prosecutor claims Boca’s midfielder “violated two rules, one concerning inciting disorder and other related to the progress of the match.”

If sentenced, Riquelme could be fined up to 300 euros or jailed for ten days.

“The fan persistently insulted me and other players. One has no right to grab one’s testicles and shout abuse to everybody coming close to the touchline,” said Riquelme.

His solicitor believes his client will be acquitted and next to appear in court will be the disorderly fan, a certain Agustín Pozzetti.





dedicated server hosting
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What makes a good website builder?



A website builder’s quality is often dependent on the experience and needs of the individual. One web developer’s definition of “good” may differ from another. Website builders share some common characteristics that most people agree are indicators of their quality.


Below are the most important features:


User Friendliness


A website builder’s simplicity is the whole point. This is the beauty of the “drag-and-drop” approach to website design. All you have to do is drag and drop the pre-coded elements wherever you want them. is one of the most popular website builders.


It is a great platform for both beginners and professionals. The pro can use its many features and functions, while the novice can quickly learn how to navigate it.


Drag and drop almost any element. This includes text, video and pictures.


This eliminates the need for plugins. You don’t have to download or install third-party software. hosts the entire platform, dedicated server hosting  which further simplifies the process.


Templates & Customization


Website builders are often worried about the possibility of their site looking cheap. A second concern is that websites built using the same website builder may look too similar. Let’s forget about those fears. Website builders let you customize many templates to make your website unique to your brand or business. These features should be:


Fully customizable design stack – This includes fonts and colors, layering, graphic design, and graphic design.


Fully customizable templates catalog – It is not a good idea to have stale, static templates. These templates could look like they were created without professional graphic designers. This can lead to a sloppy website. You should instead have a wide range of templates. Each template should be customizable to some extent.


A website builder with an image editor will allow you to create custom images. You should know that your website’s images must be carefully selected and immersive to make them appealing to the eyes. A one-stop shop image editor can simplify the whole process.


Mobile responsive customization – It is more likely your audience will visit your website using their smartphone than via their computer. Therefore, it is imperative that you design a mobile-friendly website. Mobile-friendly website builders are essential.


Analytics and SEO Tools


The web is a key component of company growth. It is important to keep track of how they perform on the internet. With analytical tools today, it is possible to track every interaction that a potential customer makes with their website.


Search engine optimization (SEO) tools can also help increase visibility, which means that a company is more likely to be “popping up” on a particular search. This may sound familiar to you. Analytics? “This stuff is jargon to my ears.”


This brings us to the next point. A great website builder will not only integrate these elements but also work to explain them. A website builder should include:


Analytic Tools – The most popular tool you’ll find is Google Analytics. Google is the search engine that every company wants to rank.


SEO Tools – An integrated keyword generator with metadata, and the possibility of further expansion.




If you are looking to move your business to an ecommerce platform, or if it is one already, make sure the website builder you select supports your transactions. This includes, but isn’t limited to:


Shopping cart – Your website should support the shopping cart feature. This is the easiest way to buy a product.


Inventory management – Your backend should have one-stop shop to track inventory and stock.


Payments – You’ll want your website to accept online payments from Stripe, PayPal, and credit cards.


Although the above ecommerce features are common, their integration is not. It is important to find an ecommerce website builder that integrates each feature seamlessly, as these will be the foundation of your ecommerce platform.


How do I get started?


There are several steps you must complete before building your professional website. To make your website visible online, you will need a domain name. This is also the name of your website. Before you buy this domain, you will need to select a hosting platform or website builder.





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Smudge not, lest ye be Pkv Smudged



Throughout history, if a cause is powerful enough, people will unite to make the World a better place. Thousands shared Woodstock’s vision of peace and love, and even more answered a hairy Irishman’s call, when he arranged for average middle of the road pop acts to perform across four continents, in a half-assed attempt to reduce global poverty. When Middlesbrough play Birmingham on Saturday 4th March, we too can Pkv make a stand against a new evil, incorrectly priced football teams. Let’s come together to back the Boro at 10/11.


McClaren’s men are standing strong in Europe and they’ve hit a purple patch in the league, while Birmingham hover just two places from the foot of the table. Admittedly it’s not risk free, but you’re taking a chance when you eat a late night kebab or when you sleep with loose women. Obviously I wouldn’t behave in such a manner myself, I don’t like chilli sauce. The Boro won 3-0 at St Andrew’s when they weren’t playing well, imagine what will happen at the Riverside now they are. At 10/11, this is the value bet of the season, spread the word.


Sam Allardyce asks a valid question. What does Kevin Nolan have to do to receive International recognition? Apart from growing another two and a half foot and signing for Liverpool, the answer is I just don’t know. Sven is not alone in underestimating Bolton, bookmakers have been slow to appreciate that they’re now a top 6 side.


A trip to St James’ Park won’t be easy though, Newcastle have collected 10 points out of a possible 12 recently, even the most optimistic/inebriated Geordie would have been surprised by that tally. This one has ‘draw’ written all over it, take advantage at 9/4.


If Liverpool had Darren Bent they’d be challenging Chelsea for the Title; they’ve got Peter Crouch, they’re not. Bent’s theatrics earned the Addicks three points against the Reds at the Valley just three weeks ago; revenge is a dish best served cold, like my dinner. The Pool will win; they’re available at 4/9.


I liked Psycho’s reaction to Joey Barton’s red card last week, “I’ll tell him that Stuart Pearce was sent off five times in 1,000 matches.” Although he makes an excellent point, Gerry McDonnell is not a fan of speaking in the third person. City improved when Barton left the pitch that day, a similar performance against Sunderland will see them romp home. Football is a funny old game, although I won’t be laughing if Sunderland win or draw, i’m on City at 2/5.


The Gunners form on the road is the most perplexing mystery since i found an extra large pair of boxer shorts under the bed. There’s no logical reason why Arsenal can win easily at the Bernabeu, yet take a beating at Ewood Park and the Hawthorns. The Gunners have a quality squad and could well leave the Cottage with three points, but after being bitten twice, you’ve got to stop stroking the dog. I’m backing Fulham at 7/4.


Fergie’s ruck with Van Nistelrooy has been headline news all week, but the real story to come out of United’s Carling Cup stroll should be the victory t-shirts. Alan Smith has been labelled ‘Smudge’; it’s perhaps the worst nickname in the history of football. The FA should launch an immediate enquiry into why ‘short stuff’, ‘nutjob’ and ‘meedy’ were cruelly overlooked. The art of nicknaming has joined rugby in England’s ‘We’re not good at doing it anymore’ column, a crying shame. This tips for you Smudger; get on Man Utd to beat Wigan at 8/13.


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Girls Allowed? It’s Encouraged for Poker online



I’ve recently learned the hard way that you should never discuss politics and religion. My lodger and I became embroiled in a furious row over the conflict in Iraq. Dave was very vocal in his condemnation of Bush; but he flew off the handle when I criticised Brown. It almost came to blows.


The day after our acrimonious political altercation, we fell out over his attempt to convert the wife into devout Christianity. I was less than pleased when I arrived home from work early to hear a chant of “Oh God” emanating from the spare bedroom.


As a result of our constant bickering, I had to ask Dave to move out. He didn’t react well to my decision; he tried to smash my back door in. The wife was extremely disappointed with the unpleasant outcome, as she’d literally bent over backwards to make him feel welcome.


Roy Keane and Alex Ferguson can empathise with my predicament on Poker Online. Sir Alex had to offload the busy Irishman after he criticised a number of team-mates. I can understand why Fergie was so upset; only a mug would buy Kieran Richardson after Keane’s vitriolic volley.


The return of United’s prodigal son has added real spice to Sunderland’s trip to Old Trafford. A case can be made for backing the Mackems at 18/1, but it has more holes than Amy Winehouse. I have to side with Manchester United at 1/4.


Robbie Savage has his critics, but I’d happily place the Welshman alongside Keane, Vieira and Makelele; if I was creating an ‘odd one out’ question. The 5/4 for a Blackburn win over Manchester City stands out like a sore thumb.


When I heard that Kieron Dyer had broken his leg in two places, my immediate thoughts were ‘Lee Bowyer’s house’ and ‘Craig Bellamy’s golf club’. West Ham are a different side to the team that were on the end of a 6-0 shoeing at Reading last season, the Hammers can take revenge at 23/10.


Cheryl Cole surprisingly turned down a £150,000 Bentley from her wealthy husband, because she felt ‘she didn’t earn it’. The solution is pretty obvious. I’m going down the bookies to take 13/5 for a draw between Aston Villa and Chelsea.


I’d love to see Sammy Lee succeed at Bolton, but the only way he’ll still be employed at Christmas is if he finds six pals. An Everton win at the Reebok is available at 2/1; that’s plenty big enough.


How on earth were Fulham not awarded a penalty against Aston Villa last week? Craig Gardner’s handling in the area was so impressive; Petr Cech and John Terry both rang to congratulate him. Lawrie Sanchez is probably the unluckiest manager in the league at the minute, Spurs can take advantage at 11/8.


Pompey are set to release David Nugent a mere month after splashing out £6m on him. Such an eventuality would have been a 999/1 shot on the exchanges, but it wouldn’t have lasted long. The 8/15 for Arsenal beating Pompey is equally as attractive.


Liverpool v Derby may well prove to be the greatest mismatch since Kate Moss paired off with Pete Doherty. The master songsmith could have done a lot better. You won’t find a bigger banker than Liverpool at 2/9.


I was disappointed to see Mido react to inflammatory chants last weekend. A professional footballer is paid handsomely to ignore provocation from the crowd, and Mido makes good bread. All of our finances will receive a boost if we take the 11/10 for a Middlesbrough win over Birmingham.


The FA’s decision to launch an enquiry into the Newcastle supporters’ behaviour is typically over the top. If you ask me, it’s being blown out of all proportion. I’ll happily make a fuss over the 3/4 for a Newcastle win over Wigan.


Mido labelled the offending supporters as ‘drunks’ after the match, which I found quite offensive. I partake in the occasional swift few beers myself, but I’m not a drunk; I’m a connoisseur of the liquid bint-thinner. A 14/1 weekend accer of Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Man Utd, Arsenal and Blackburn will pay for enough lager to drop the wife down a few sizes.




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Relief for Portsmouth as second Togel Online takeover is completed



Portsmouth’s off pitch worries look to be rescinding after Saudi business tycoon Ali Al Faraj completed his takeover of the club.


This is the second time in six weeks that Portsmouth have been the subject of a takeover by foreign investors. After the last bid was plagued by problems from start to finish, fans will be hoping that their new owner does a considerably better job than former incumbent Sulaiman Al Fahim.


The club was previously taken over at the end of August but due to a series of cash flow problems, Al Fahim has decided to sell a 90% stake in the club to Al Faraj.


Al Fahim retains a 10% stake and will become the non-executive chairman until at least the end of the 2010/11 season.


During the former owner’s troubled reign there was persistent talk of administration and last week it was revealed that the players had not been paid. However, this latest takeover appears to have resolved those issues.


“The takeover will ensure Togel Online Portsmouth’s future is safe and will bring financial stability,” read a club statement.


“Contracts have been signed between the parties to enable funds to be released to pay the players and executive board on Tuesday.”


Recent events had almost led to chief executive Peter Storrie resigning but he will now continue in his post, alongside Al Faraj and associate Mark Jacob.


In an interview with BBC Radio Four, Storrie said: “He is very similar to [former owner] Alexandre Gaydamak in many ways in that he owns the club but he wants to sit in the background and let the officials of the club run it.


“He is not going to be one of those that’s going to be out front.”


At the weekend Portsmouth picked up their first points of their Premier League season with a hard fought 1-0 victory over Wolves. Boss Paul Hart expressed relief at the result and he will now be hoping that with more stability off the pitch, the players can start performing to their potential on it and gradually improve their odds of Premier League survival.


England travel to Ukraine for their final away World Cup Qualifier in Group Six on Saturday 10th October – and you can watch all the action live at bet365.


The game will not be shown anywhere on UK television but bet365 will be Live Streaming the match absolutely free for all customers with a funded account.


With fantastic Live Streaming and an extensive range of pre-match and In-Play markets on offer, make sure you’re following England with bet365.…

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Poker Southendformaggio Variations – Learn to Play Poker Online and Slot Online



Shared card poker v Southendformaggio ariations are also called community card variations. Here, players get a few individual cards, and some cards are placed on the table – all players can use these cards. Interesting community card variations such as Bush League, similar to Omaha Hold ‘em; Elevator, where table cards are turned up one at a time, with betting rounds in between; Church or Iron Cross, where there are five cards down to each player and five cards on the table, arranged like a cross; and Diana’s Game, where there are two cards down to each player and three cards on the table, are fun to play. You can also try variations like Southendformaggio Cincinnati, Crazy Pineapple and Cool Hand Luke, but the most popular ones in this category are Texas Hold ’em and Omaha Hold ’em.


Miscellaneous slot online poker variations all use the standard hand ranking, but the hands are not dealt like they are in the other categories of variations. Miscellaneous poker variations include games like Arkansas Guts, where the 2 of clubs is the best card and the Ace of spades is the worst card possible; Baseball Guts, where 3s and 9s are wild cards; Roller Coaster, where players are dealt one card at a time, and betting is held after each card dealt; Bid Poker, where cards are auctioned, and the highest bidding player gets the card. There are scores more miscellaneous poker variations, such as Buddha’s Folly, Cohones, Fifty-Five, Double Revenge, Guts, High / Low Pig, Indian, Liar’s Poker, Southendformaggio Full Monty, Guts, and the interestingly named Kenosha Cheese Porn.…