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Casino Extra



While the room was preoccupied with the battle between Kathy Lehne and Daniel Negreanu that eventually ended in the loss of Daniel from the tournament, over on the other side of the room, an interesting hand took place between Andrew Robl and Jason Mercier.


With Jason Mercier in the small blind and Andrew Robl in the big blind, Matthew Berkey decided to limp in under the gun. It folded to Jason who decided to limp himself. Andrew checked his option and the dealer brought a flop of Qs Qd 9s.


In an unusual approach, Jason decided to lead out at the pot for 13,000. Andrew took note of this unusual step and decided to take a shot by raising it to 35,000. Matthew Berkey quickly ejected from the hand and Jason took almost his entire clock to call.


The turn was the 6h and Jason took a Casino Extra while before checking. Andrew, intently staring down Jason decided that 76,000 would be the right price to charge for the river, and Jason took his time before he called.


When the river Js fell, it was Jason’s turn to tank before eventually checking. Andrew took his time but checked as well. Jason began to struggle with his cards before Andrew turned over his 8s 2s. Jason could not see the cards from across the felt and the dealer moved them to the top of the board to whi