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5 Photos That Will Make You Want To Book Our Summer 2019 Cruise


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If you’re searching for the perfect summer holiday, we have something very special on offer for next year that will leave you with memories that are bound to last a lifetime. Join our Tyrrhenian Sea cruise in July 2019 and travel aboard a luxurious private yacht, stepping onto dry land only to immerse yourself in local culture, take a traditional cookery class and sample some of Italy’s most magnificent wines during special visits to vineyards and wineries alike. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK

What will your tour look like? Well, how about a little preview…

1) Valletta, Malta

The starting point for our summer 2019 wine cruise and this year’s European Capital of Culture. Watch the sun set against its honey-coloured walls and gaze upon the architecture we can see from our luxurious private yacht.

2) Marsala, Italy

Still a little off the mainstream tourist trail, but known for its wine legacy, let the landscapes of Marsala surprise and enchant you. With some free time to wander its charming streets, see what it’s all about – from the salt pans to the traditional piazza.

3) Discover the 15th century Lipari fortress

After enjoying a refreshing swim in glorious azure waters, pay a visit to the impressive fortress in Lipari. Surrounded by a long wall that was built by the Spanish, the castle has always been populated and its stories are bound to fascinate you.

4) Leisure time in both Amalfi and Capri

Spend precious moments soaking up the sun in some of Italy’s most gorgeous locations. Shop for souvenirs, treat yourself to an aperitif or simply wander the dreamy landscapes, enjoying a real taste of this region.

5) Get a little hands-on with an authentic cookery lesson

On the fourth day of our cruise, we stop by Albergo Ristorante Bacco, where you can learn how to make some traditional and regional dishes, before enjoying them for lunch. In addition to this, you’ll be treated to a range of culinary experiences throughout the cruise, from food and wine pairings on the yacht to a farm and wine estate tour, where our lunch will come from.

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