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Online Casino Gives Net’s Biggest Ligaz11 Christmas Present


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Online Casino, InterCasino (, one of several hundred online casinos competing to give away the biggest ever prize online, has awarded what very well may be the net’s biggest Christmas present.


Online Casino, InterCasino (, one of several hundred online casinos competing to give away the biggest ever prize online, has awarded what very well may be the net’s biggest Christmas present. The company awarded $152,488.36 to member and slot enthusiast that goes by the patriotic nickname , after he hit the jackpot playing the company’s mega-jackpot game Rags to Riches Video Slot.


Rags to Riches is a progressive Jackpot slot with a minimum payout of $100,000.


FLAGG04 had been a loyal customer at InterCasino for more than one year before winning his $152,488.36, and is overjoyed by this pre-holiday treat.


“I see this like a giant Christmas present that has come early. I can tell you for sure, there is no feeling in the world like winning a massive amount of money. And with the holidays just around the corner there couldn’t have been a better time to win. I’ve had a few memorable Christmas presents in the past but this is the best one ever! Thanks a million and Happy Holidays to InterCasino!”


But just sending a check wasn’t enough for the company that has forged a reputation for putting the player first. On top of the $152,488.36, flamboyant manager Ryan Hartley insisted on sending a holiday gift basket to FLAGG04 and his family.


“I just love to see happy people!” says Ryan. “And if the Las Vegas’ of the world can send gifts to their players, than why can’t we? In fact I think InterCasino can cater to its players better than any other casino on the Internet, and its my job to prove it.” And judging by their history –winner of “Casino of the Year 2001” and one of the largest and most well established casinos online- they are probably already there.


InterCasino has 300,000 other little presents to give away before Christmas if someone as Ligaz11 lucky as FLAGG04 comes along. Right now their Rags to Riches progressive jackpot is filled to the gills with money as is their Caribbean Poker game, and as InterCasino’s bevy of winners will tell you, it’s only a matter of time before someone else gets their online Christmas present a few days early.




Release of Neocron to prompt surge in high-speed Internet subscribers


A survey conducted by computer games publisher CDV Software Entertainment has revealed that 86 per cent of those interested in purchasing the forthcoming PC title Neocron are considering upgrading to a broadband Internet connection – making the game one of the most important motivators in getting Britain hooked up to the high-speed Internet.


Neocron, scheduled for release in March 2002, is a futuristic ‘massively multiplayer online role playing game’ (MMORPG) set in a 28th Century metropolis. Users become  citizens of Neocron – deciding whether to experience exciting adventures or just live a normal life in this virtual world.


The game has already generated considerable worldwide interest before it has launched – with over 62,000 people having registered for the pre-release test programme.


The survey was hosted at – the game’s official site. It shows the UK lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of high-speed Internet access, with close to  three times as many of those outside the UK claiming ADSL/broadband connectivity, compared with users within our shores.


“Multiplayer games offer the strongest incentive to upgrade an Internet connection,” says Leo Zullo, Marketing Manager, CDV Software Entertainment, “and Neocron’s users say they will be doing it in droves. If our forecasts are correct, the Neocron subscriber base could drive nationwide broadband subscription up by 10 per cent in one fell swoop. If the broadband networks are serious about encouraging take-up of high speed Internet access, they need to consider working with releases such as Neocron. As it is not music or video downloads which will drive broadband subscribers – it’s the games industry.”


The survey was conducted via between 26th October and 23rd November 2002. In total, 903 forum members were surveyed.

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