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Player Rides $192,000 Win Streak at InterCasino


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LONDON — InterCasino player and avid online gambler, “Barb” made a name for herself as a serious online poker champion yesterday by surfing her winning streak to $192,000.


Barb, a self-employed professional with years of online gaming experience knows that when you’re hot, you play your streak for all it’s worth. Her luck began early Sunday morning when she ran into the vivacious and open-handed InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley, who gave her a free $100 bonus while doing his morning rounds.


That $100 freebee proved enough of a push to get the wheels spinning for Barb, who commented that, “the $100 was enough to make a few critical extra bets”. Barb decided that the money would be best spent on Let it Ride Poker, her game of choice. Shortly after, Barb hit a four of a kind worth an amazing $12,000.


“Once you get rolling, you go for the gold,” says Ryan Hartley. Barb took Ryan’s advice to heart, and after a short afternoon break recovering from the shock of winning $12,000, it was back to the casino to see what else the fairy godmother had in store. What Barb didn’t know was that her $12,000 win would seem like peanuts only a few hours later.


Barb logged back on to InterCasino and was quickly enticed by the mega-jackpot on the Spice Island Progressive Poker game. Her intrigue, combined with good fortune and honed poker skills, won Barb a colossal $180,000 jackpot just a few hours later.


Here is what Barb had to say: “It was quite a day yesterday, I started in the morning and I ran into Ryan Hartley and he gave me a free $100, that was a few extra bets, and later I hit the $12,000 on Let it Ride. After my boyfriend finished playing a while I went back on the computer and that’s when I hit the royal flush for $180,000… I’ve been playing for a couple of years now, and I couldn’t be happier with InterCasino.”


Her $192,000 combined winnings in a single day secured Barb a space in the online gaming record books as one of the most successful female progressive poker players on the internet. Next time you log onto InterCasino keep an eye out for Barb, she is one woman who can teach any poker player a thing or two about pressing their luck!


UK Embraces Online Gambling


“player protection, operator probity and socially responsible operating situs pkv policies are sure to be welcomed by online gamblers”


Today the British government said it plans to lift restrictions on the gambling industry, opening the door to Las Vegas-style casino entertainment and licensed online gambling, on the internet or interactive TV.


“The announcement today is a major step forward for online gambling,” said Tobin Price, CEO of Sunonline. Sunonline operates, which is licensed in the Isle of Man.


“It is most encouraging that the UK government has recognised the legitimate role that well-regulated online gambling can play in the over-all gambling industry.”


Price added that the focus on player protection, operator probity and socially responsible operating policies are sure to be welcomed by online gamblers.


Releasing the Gambling White Paper, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell said: “The modernisation of our gambling laws is long overdue…. [We] want to see a successful British gambling industry; one that is able to respond rapidly and effectively to technological and customer-led developments in both the domestic and global marketplace, building on its existing reputation for quality and integrity, and in the process increasing its already important contribution to the UK economy.”


The plans are in line with proposals made by the U.K. Gambling Review Body last year. The body was set up in 1999 to help companies compete with the National Lottery and overseas and Internet-based rivals that offer tax-free bets.


“We’re going to see the U.K. stealing a march on the rest of the world in this industry, particularly in the area of online gaming and sports betting,” said Tony Wollenberg, senior partner at law firm Steptoe & Johnson Rakison in London, which represents gambling companies including Playboy-branded online sites.

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