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Due to the recent relocation of an old wm buddy back to Austin, I’ve found myself playing a lot more rock paper scissors lately. I’m always somewhat surprised at how little penetration RPS has among the other people I play poker with; I think RPS is a game that has a natural appeal to anyone who enjoys poker.

If you share my interest in RPS you may already know that the 2023 RPS championship date has been announced

It also seems the folks at the World RPS Society have been busy. I’m definitely looking forward to RPS: The Film, which hopefully will be coming out soon. The trailer is a must see if you have not checked it out.

And if you live in Seattle you must check this out.

Do you see a problem have a poker club coming to a banquet hall in the evenings to play… I realize you can do a cover charge how about selling a buffet of food as part of the poker night???

As with any Texas poker game, there are three tests to prove its legality (see texas poker legality for full details). You meet the equal odds requirement by playing poker. The banquet would need to be classified as a private place which it probably is. The tricky one here is “economic benefit” and that’s where a cover charge will get you in trouble. Even a dinner buffet that you charge for is questionable. It’s never really been tested in court, but my amateur opinion is that if you required all players to pay any amount of money for anything, you would fail the economic benefit test in a Texas court. Even if the buffet or “door donation” charge was purely voluntary, you’re going to be in a grey area, especially with any door charge that is there purely because of the game.

Basically there really is no way to profitably run a poker game in Texas legally, so my general advice is either just bite the bullet and do it illegally and try not to get caught, or run a legal game that you receive no money from.

As a tech guy, this excites me. I’d love to play in a poker room where the dealer didn’t need to shout at the top of their lungs every time they need a floorperson for whatever reason.

The article has no details on what the wireless poker shuffler will do, but I assume part of it will be the ability to silently request new setups, brush, floor, and (hopefully!) cocktail service.

Poker and gaming supply company Shuffle Master, Inc. announced that it has inked a strategic partnership deal with Wireless management solutions provider Ameranth Wireless, Inc. As part of the agreement, Ameranth will create a software interface, connecting its poker-room management solutions with Shuffle Master’s Deck Mate � poker card shuffler. This will create an all-encompassing poker room management system, boasting a great degree of functionality.

Apparently there was another poker robbery in Austin this week, in an apartment complex in South Austin on Tuesday night. I don’t have any confirmed details other than that nobody was hurt.

If you are concerned about the safety of a game, my advice is simply to avoid it. There are enough games around that you can find a good, low-key one that meets your needs. By all means, stay the heck away from games that advertise prominently online or (worse) in bars and restaurants.

In other news, there was a bust of a poker operation in Brownsville, where a poker supply company was running games and taking a rake. The article says police estimated the place took down $5,000-$10,000 a night, yet also claims that the rake was $5 an hour and they only arrested 11 patrons so it doesn’t exactly add up. It was the first poker bust in Brownsville history.

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