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Streaming Video Cbetcasino Poker Feeds


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Can’t get enough Poker on TV these days? How about watching or listening to games online?


While scanning the podcast directory of my Juice/IPodder feed receiver yesterday, I came across nearly a dozen streaming audio and video web feeds of poker games. I’m in the process of consuming the feeds, so I can’t comment on the overall quality or content, but some of these are simply screen captures of online games with voiceover commentary. Pretty funny and entertaining, but they may be educational for a newbie to online poker. And a bit of fodder for cardaholics.


There are too many feeds to list them all here (see list below), but what I suggest you do is download the Juice/ IPodder feed receiver/ client. In the Podcast Directory tab of the Cbetcasino software are a number of folders. Look for the ones marked sports, click on one of them, and look for subfolders marked Poker or Cards. You can subscribe to them using the Add feed button.


Juice can be scheduled to download late at night, or for whenever you’re not using your computer. I’d suggest some sort of scheduling, as some of the video files are over 300 Mb. Now, Juice usually hooks into the free Apple iTunes software. I had trouble viewing the video on iTunes, but I didn’t spend much time checking the problem. I switched the  Juice setting to Windows Media Player, but only iTunes kept firing up (for .MOV files). What I did instead was download the new Democracy Player, which is like watching TV on the Internet.


Democracy is a fantastic ITV (Internet TV) client, and subscribing to and watching/ listening to streaming web feeds is incredibly easy. The software is OpenSource, has a built-in Torrent engine, an iTV channel guide, and search capabilities. I haven’t yet seen a better rich media client that works on web feeds. Because Democracy can handle multiple rich media formats, I had no trouble viewing the .MOV video feeds that iTunes could not handle (because of a missing “compressor”).


Here are a few of the Cbetcasino poker feed URLs, in no particular order. Some feeds contain both audio and video versions, so take your pick. Remember, these are feed URLs, and you need to copy them into your fave web feed reader or rich media client (i.e., Juice/iPodder, Democracy, etc.)




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