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The lottery is one of the biggest games of luck and chance, in the world of gambling. This game involves drawing out lottery ticket numbers for a prize. In some of the countries, the lottery is actually outlawed by the government, while in some it is a well-known and popular gambling game. At the beginning, lotteries were known mostly in the US and some other countries, in the 19th century. In most forms of gambling, which include the sweepstakes and lotteries, it became illegal in U.S. and in a big part of Europe together with a lot of other countries, in the 20th century. It remained like this until a lot after the World War II ended. Togel Casinos and lotteries began to re-appear again in the 1960s, throughout the whole world. There are a lot of different types of lottery games. For example, the prizes can have a fixed amount of cash and goods. With this, the organizer will have to take a risk if, by any chance, insufficient lottery tickets were sold. The most common type of a lottery game will be the one which has a fixed prize based on the percentage of the people who bought the ticket. If you prefer to wager your money online, then here are the top 10 lottery sites.


Lotto Land: is one of the newer lotto companies, which was established in early 2013, and it is based in Gibraltar. The company is trying to give it their all so that the customers would have great opportunities to win huge jackpots.



They ensure you that everything you win, no matter the amount, will always be paid out. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Lotto Land is an extremely safe site, and it ensures you that your profile and your money will be safe with them, together with your future deposits and your future winnings.


Play Lottery: gives a chance to its players to bet on a number of world-renewed lotteries, from all over the world, while taking out insurances so you will be able to bet against massive jackpots. They always like to make sure that their players will get their money, and if you are a new player then you can enjoy their welcome promotions.



You will be able to bet on the outcome of 9 lotteries: EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, UK Lotto, US Powerball and Mega Millions, Italy’s SuperEnalotto, German 6Aus49 and Irish Lotto. Their Jackpot Power Play is a combo of three syndicates. Play Lottery also offers its players a welcoming bonus, a winning MINI car, and a Bumper Jackpot Win!


Ice Lotto: is one of the well-known lotto companies, that will always offer its players the biggest variety of lotto games. Besides the amazing lotto games, this site will also offer some other features just for the sake of its customers!



There is a well-defined security policy on the Ice Lotto site, which you will be able to read. It states that everything personal about your account will be secured from anybody who wants to see it. Overall, Ice Lotto is a good site for anybody who wishes to play a lotto-based game!


Win Trillions: offers a lot of interesting features like huge lottery syndicates, which allows you to multiply the chances you have of winning by a huge factor. However, that means that you will have to split that big amount, so it will be up to you if you choose to do this. Win Trillion is also well guarded by one of the latest anti-hacking software.



There is a big variety of lotto games here, for example, Super Enalotto, La Primitiva, Irish Lotto, Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot, Powerball, and many others. On top of everything, Win Trillion also has a very good live support, that will always be at your service if you need anything!


The Lotter: offers its players the ability to play a well-over 50 different types of lotteries, which also makes it one of the best lottery industries out there. From 2002, The Lotter has established a respected and long-standing reputation online, from customers and players all over the world.

the lotter


Since this site has been around for decades, it is obvious that they know what they are doing. The Lotter is not some kind of an amateur organization, so the security of you and your money should not be a problem at all. However, one thing this site lacks is that the updates are never clearly stated; as to what was changed on the site.


LottosOnline: looks like any other lotto site, however, if you dig a bit deeper you will see that this site is a bit different. One thing that is common is that this site offers 8 international lotteries as a single ticket play (or more tickets), as multiple draws and it offers a subscription.

lottos online


The difference is that here your account will be divided into three wallets, and every wallet will indicate what can that money be used for. There is the account wallet, winning wallet and rewards wallet. The Lottos Online site explained their terms and conditions in a very simple way, and if you sign up you will have bigger jackpots


Lotto365: is the perfect site for you, if you love getting involved in a lot of different lotteries without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Their system is very simple and easy to understand, and with its speed, it makes your time worthwhile.



When compared to other lottery sites, the lotto365 has way more game options. It also has an explicitly stated security and safety policy on their website, which just goes to show that they are really trying to make you account safe; and they are succeeding.


World Lottery Club: is a gambling company that is regulated and licensed by the UK gambling commission, which puts its reputation in a really high place. Besides all of its normal features (like on any other lotto site), you do have to pay a small fee on top of the purchased lottery ticket.

world lottery


Even if there is no explicit statement about their safety and security measures, you can trust them. The fact that they are regulated and licensed by the UK gambling commission means that you and your money will definitely be in safe hands.


LottoBooking: is one of the well-established and licensed Lotto industries, which has been serving its community for quite a long time compared to its competitors. They love to provide the best possible services to their players, while keeping their games serious, and the interests of all of the players extremely secure.



All of the losing tickets from your first purchase on LottoBooking will be a 100% refunded. This counts as their welcome bonus, which is good to keep you going. In addition, similarly to many other sites, you will have a small fee to pay on top of the purchased ticket.


LottoSend: is a trustworthy company, which provides a comfortable and simple way in which you can enjoy some of the biggest jackpots around the world. There are no features that really stand out on this site, they do, however, offer a very reliable lotto service.



As to a lot of other sites, here you will also have to pay a small fee on top of every ticket you purchase. LottoSend is well-known for its 100% protection for all of its customers. This is probably one of the top reasons why this site really stands out from the rest!


The most fun games of luck and chance are definitely the Lotto games. Remember those times where you would have to actually go and buy tickets, fill them, and then return to cash them. You can say goodbye to those old ways since here you have the top 10 sites that offer secure lottery games online!

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