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먹튀사이트 검증 Talk | Portugal V England


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Mike Parry – Readhead of the Year 2002 and fellow 먹튀사이트 breakfast show presenter Alan Brazil are running through all the football pundit opinions and predictions from around Europe.

Parry is the patriotic England fan and Brazil the not bothered Scottish bloke.

Maybe if England win the 442 Talksport Come on England Song will reach number 1 in the pop charts.

If you are looking for a casino that is pretty much a solely UK based and run firm, (which UK gamblers will have actually heard of) then have a wander around Casinos In The UK.com and you’ll feel like you are looking at your TV Teletext while pawing over the Greyhound Race Betting.

This gaming webmaster also untrigues me slightly because he/she posts on the gambling forums but I am not clear on exactly who they are although I am sure he/she has been around the online casino gambling scene for a good fair while.

Anyways – it’s bedtime in UK Casino Land.. I’m off for a kip.

According to Talk Sports’s Old Mike Parry the whole world has gone mad for Wayne Rooney ::

♠ One thing is for sure the Americans won’t have heard about Rooney, they have just about clocked on to Beckham.

♠ I am not so sure people from countries outside of those in the Euro 2004 Championship Finals will be very much bothered about Rooney if indeed they have even heard of him.

Gamblog Comment :: Mike Parry Is Just A Wayne Rooney Looney Groupie.

Sweden 2, Denmark 2, the exact result the Italians and the Bookies did not want to see.

♠ Reports of the 2-2 draw being dropped in price from 14-1 to 5-1 after a torrent of punters followed the thought that the fry to be an  Scandinavian neighbours Sweden and Denmark will rig the game by playing out a 2-2 correct scoreline, thereby assuring a safe passage through to the quarter finals of the Euro 2004 for both nations.

♠ Ladbrokes are reporting a loss of a six figure sum after the 2-2 Denmark, Sweden draw.

Ladbrokes, otherwise known as “The Magic Sign” are brave with their football pricing and often take a view, backed by their mega millions granted but still brave in gambling terms nonetheless.

Gamblog Comment :: This is supposed to be International Level Football, not The Eurovision Song Contest.

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